Small and Simple Bathroom Ideas

Your bathroom is probably the smallest room in your house, but it does play an important role in your life. So why not make the most out of it! Whether you’re thinking of a redesign or remodel, open your mind to the possibilities of creating a big impact in this smallest of rooms!

If you are short on funds, save your money and make the most of your existing bathroom with a few clever design and storage tricks. We’ll show you what a coat of paint, new tile or updated fixtures can do to visually open up your tiny space.

Create a vanity that floats above the floor! A floating vanity will make your small bathroom appear more spacious and just feel visually lighter in weight. It is a design feature that will work in almost any bathroom redo. You’ll not only open up a confined space, you’ll feel less cluttered—which is always a good thing!

Make a big statement with red. In this tiny bathroom, red pops against the dark floor, white fixtures and gray painted walls. If you attempt this in your bathroom, remember these basic rules: make sure you have plenty of white for balance. Here, the long sink, toilet and accessories take some of the attention off the bright red tile. Choose mosaic red glass tile over larger size tile for more sparkle and interest.

Cool steel blue is the star of this trendy color palette. The dreamy blue emphasizes and complements the dark espresso cabinet and light brown hardwood floor. While darker colors can close a room in, this example does just the opposite. The bathroom appears larger, and at the same time, cozy and welcoming.

Using alternating horizontal rows of brown tile, a frameless mirror, and spot-on lighting makes this super small bathroom appear larger. The clean lines and sharp definition between colors gives the space a modern, masculine feel. The dividing wall between the vanity/toilet space and shower is a nice design feature to create a little privacy.

Small bathrooms are fun spaces to play with colors and patterns you would normally shy away from. In this bathroom, the homeowner pulled out all the stops. She went with red and gold floral wallpaper outlined in crisp, white crown molding. The gold leaf treatment on the ceiling was the perfect choice for this jewel box powder room. Boldly mixing metals, she painted the radiator in silver and added a coordinating mirror above the pedestal sink.

This teeny bathroom has everything you need in a very compact space. The modern sink and vanity occupy the corner next to the toilet. That area is surrounded with natural stone mosaic tile wainscoting. The half wall encloses the shower and the clear glass divider above keeps the room feeling open and airy.

The designer of this bathroom was unable to tear down walls to reconfigure the space, so he decided to make the best of a cramped situation. To make it seem roomier, off-white tile and the vanity mirror provide reflective surfaces. The glass-enclosed shower eliminates visual barriers and the rich wood and tile tones add warmth and help balance the space.

The combination of white and black in an undersized bathroom creates a true classic. The goal in this room was to give the room vintage appeal and keep it looking clean and uncluttered. White tile on the floor and walls did the trick. The only color in the space comes from the black tile band used to break up the white expanse.

If your bathroom is petite with unusual angles, you might feel more restricted than normal. While this floating vanity cabinet cuts down on valuable square footage, the fact that it is off the ground creates the illusion of additional floor space. Plus it adds lots of storage to this awkward room.

This gorgeous yet space-challenged guest bath is dressed in earthy tones and warm metallics. The custom cabinetry features a bronze-like finish and is topped with a natural stone tile counter surface. The copper vessel sink adds a touch of glamour, as does the circular wall art. Slate wainscoting and penny floor tile are the perfect complements to the space.

This narrow bathroom has plenty of style underfoot. Sometimes having a small bathroom works to your advantage. The lack of space is good news if you want to do something creative with your flooring. Even an expensive choice, like this designer mosaic tile, won’t put as big a dent in the wallet.

Designed for use in hotels, this vanity is an ideal choice for this diminutive bathroom. The natural stone counter mounts directly to the wall and features an integrated rod system along the front edge. This is perfect for a bathroom with limited wall space for mounting towel rods.

If you are faced with an extremely narrow bathroom space—with just enough room for a toilet and tub, just skip the shower door. In a tight space like this, go with a partial glass panel instead of a fully enclosed tub. The half panel will keep water from splashing onto the floor, will give you more elbow room, and make the room feel a little wider.

Replacing cabinetry, even in a dinky bath, can be a pricey project. Save money by doing what this homeowner did. Get your DIY on and update the space with paint. This basic vanity and mirror got a coat of vivid pumpkin paint to brighten up this dreary bathroom. Add new hardware and voila!

This may be counterintuitive, but taking big design risks in a small space makes sense. Not convinced? This black-and-white toile and striped wall treatment is just what this little powder room needed. Add some period lighting and black accessories and you have a great addition to a historic home.

Are you the couple who are convinced you need two sinks to keep your relationship afloat? Well, you may want to think again. This bathroom vanity space was just shy of being able to accommodate double sinks. The solution? A long trough sink. It was a fantastic and stylish compromise in this modestly sized, contemporary bathroom.

In homes with a limited footprint, every available square inch is important and that means bathrooms too. This bathroom may be long and narrow, but has just the right amount of space to house a full size washer and dryer on one end. So, the space officially became the master bath/laundry room. Generous overhead cabinets create storage for bathroom necessities and towels, as well as laundry supplies.

Standard bathtubs are about 5 feet long and 30 inches wide. Those dimensions just won’t work in a bathroom like this one. If you have a cramped bathroom and love to soak in the tub, don’t lose faith. Some manufacturers specialize in small tubs (check out European and Japanese companies). You’ll be able to find one that will fit your space and won’t have to do without!

This homeowner maximized storage and color in her bathroom with a custom designed shelving system that gives her vertical and horizontal storage for a host of bathroom goodies. Open shelves like these give you much more storage and gets everything up and off the floor.

This petite guest bathroom features white subway tile, Tiffany blue walls and a mix of vintage and rustic furniture pieces. Make your visitors feel at home by setting out soft white towels and toiletry items to ensure the will want for nothing. With amenities like this, they may never want to leave!

Should you put a pedestal sink in your bathroom? If you need extra storage space, this sink design won’t work. If you crave modern styling, traditional style pedestal sinks are not the best choice. Pedestal sinks are great for powder rooms or half baths that don’t see heavy use. They are a great alternative to space-hogging vanities and make it much easier to move around in close quarters.

If your little bathroom has blank white walls, why not consider a new paint color to open it up? Try colors like this robin’s egg blue or any other pastel. You could go with a dark color, but unless you choose carefully you might end up causing the room to feel even smaller than it actually is. In either case, tell a coherent color story to create an inviting space.

Even mid-size bathrooms can feel confining without enough light. Use a combination of mirrors, reflective surfaces, plus artificial and natural light. Mirrors will help the room feel more open. Shiny tile and glass shower enclosures have a similar effect. A combination of recessed and vanity lighting, along with a window or skylight will have the biggest positive impact on your less-than-ample bathroom.

Do you enjoy both baths and showers? A shower-tub combo is a space-saving idea for bathrooms with a limited footprint. A separate shower takes up floor valuable floor space in an already tight room. Consider using a shower curtain for your in-tub shower. You don’t have to worry about daily cleanup as with a sliding glass door, plus they’re a great way to add color and personality to the space.

This cramped, angled bathroom needs all the help it can get to look bigger. The window brings in light, but the glass shower wall really saves the day. It makes the room look much bigger by allowing your eye to travel uninterrupted, from one side of the room to the other.

While your small bathroom should be equipped with all the basics, there are elements that can be omitted to save space. It could mean things like additional towel racks, too many accessories or a vanity that’s too big. Try to cut your bathroom down to the essentials and you will have more room to breathe and move.

Thin vertical stripes, as in this cozy bathroom, add some pizzazz plus give the room the feeling of extra height. The brown and tan color palette looks lovely against the bright white fixtures and the coordinated floral accessories.

Although they’re used a lot in commercial applications, a wall-mounted sink gives a bathroom the feeling of greater circulation and frees up floor space. Try a wall-mounted sink in a traditional design like this one—you won’t be disappointed!

In a narrow bathroom like this one, there is no reason to use two smaller mirrors at the vanity. Expand the mirror across the entire wall. It will allow two people to use the space more efficiently and, as we always say, will give the illusion of more space.

These homeowners created more space and light in this bathroom by eliminating a storage closet along the back wall and adding recessed and vanity fixtures. So, what is our favorite detail in the room? The new skylight, of course!

This kids’ bathroom is a case in point for creating bold design in a tiny space. Every square inch of wall and floor space is covered in tile—and not even matching tile. The bright colors and patterns were selected by the little ones and do a fabulous job of detracting from the room’s limited dimensions.

Even a splash of color like this crimson shower curtain will add a huge dose of excitement to a small bathroom. The white tile and fixtures maximize light while the shower curtain creates a sense of drama. Keep the towels and accessories white. No more color is needed here.

The homeowners have a contemporary house with modern touches. So, for this guest bathroom they wanted to keep things simple and stylish. They gutted the room and replaced the dated fixtures with sleek colors, finishes and furnishings keeping in line with their design vision. The angled vanity with open shelving maximizes space and looks fantastic.

Sometimes a powder room seems more like an afterthought. This one definitely hits the mark with its design savvy and style. Given only a minimal footprint to work with, the homeowner purchased a stylish vanity and mirror to serve as the focal point. It can be seen from down the hall, so she wanted it to make a statement. Subtle paint, simple art and an ornate chandelier give this miniscule room personality plus.

Metal accents transform this white bathroom into a chic little retreat. This master bathroom may be smaller than most, but it makes the most of its limited space by using fixtures in scale with the room and contrasting materials. The dark metal vanity, trashcan and eclectic mirror stand out in the all white space. What could have been boring is now very stylish.

Details like tile flooring can take a little bathroom to a completely new level. This vintage-inspired hexagonal mosaic tile is a colorful choice for floors, walls or both. When laying tile you need to plan logical places where the tile stops and starts. If there is not a natural break, feel free to take the tile right up the wall!

If you are not a big fan of luxuriating in a tub, there’s really no sense to include one in your bathroom design. Use the space for an walk-in shower for two. This one is positioned in the corner to take up less space. The end result is a layout that’s functional and uncluttered.

This vintage powder room design makes good use of existing fixtures. The corner sink, toilet, medicine cabinet and light fixture were already there. The homeowner added the beadboard wainscoting and beefed up the molding around the window. The woodwork was painted white and bright aqua was used on the upper third of the wall to reinforce the home’s coastal design aesthetic.


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