Modern Sunroom Ideas

It’s time for homeowners to reconsider the many functions of the sunroom. Thanks to the sun parlor’s large windows, you can enjoy the beauty of a hot summer day without having to be outside.

Sunrooms or solariums aren’t just for suburban homes either. A sunroom transforms a city apartment into an urban oasis from which you can watch the city lights shine. And is there a better place to watch the snow fall on a winter day than from the solarium of your country house? These rooms, truly, let the sun shine in.

High Style

Play up your room’s beautiful quirks with built-ins. This winter garden’s curved windows are highlighted by the built-in seating and the custom ceiling treatment. The elegant seating area complete with matching ottoman is the ideal place to slip off your high heels when you come home after a long day.

Simple and Understated

Highlight the natural beauty of your conservatory by keeping decorations and furnishings minimal. Potted plants on the floor add life, but don’t obstruct the conservatory’s windows. A small table set in the center of the room allows for people to move easily from the main house to the garden.

City Garden

Make the most of your urban sun porch by transforming into another living space. Brown leather sofas lend a sense of formality while the large-screen television keeps the space entertaining and fun.

Suburban Oasis

Use your sunroom year-round with the proper furnishings and fixtures. Pair an overstuffed couch, which always offers welcome respite, with wicker furniture to lend a cozy feel to an otherwise formal space. Smaller, child-size furniture is adorable as well as functional. A ceiling fan keeps the space cool even on the hottest of days.

The Straight and Narrow

Proper furniture placement can make the smallest of rooms seem huge. Strategically place your three wicker chairs on one end of the room to create a comfortable seating nook under the room’s main light source. The glass-top table offers ample room for everything from party foods and drinks to afternoon puzzle making without detracting from the views out the French windows.

Bright and Airy

Allow your sunroom’s beauty to shine through by using a simple and understated color scheme. Pair your light beige walls with complementary furniture to create a room that doesn’t compete with the room’s windows. The honey-colored cabinet and light brown floors keep the room from being monochromatic.

A Feast for the Eyes

Keep the sun’s heat at bay and continue to use your sunroom with stylish curtains. These fun green-and-brown curtains lend chic privacy for family dinner’s at the table. Stow the table’s matching bench against the wall, either for extra seating or simple decoration.

Grill and Chill

Entertain your guests in high-style in this sunroom. A state-of-the-art stainless steel barbecue lends cool sophistication that pairs nicely with room’s vaulted glass ceiling. A long farmhouse dining table anchors the room and complements the room’s wooden furniture pieces.

Urban Oasis

Even the smallest of sunrooms can offer a quiet spot for reading or quiet reflection. The elegant chair matched with an unassuming, but chic side table make the perfect spot for enjoying a cup of tea or for watching the city lights.

Extended Family

Ideal for family homes, this sunroom offers a tranquil eating space away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. This sunroom has it all: stylish enough for formal get-togethers and also casual enough for family game night. The custom upholstered chairs lend a fun feel to the entire space.

Coastal Beauty

Let the ocean breezes wash over you on the walkout deck paired with an airy sunroom in this Port Orchard, Washington home. Wicker and teak furniture keep these two spaces informal and relaxed. Who needs additional decor with a view like this?

Simple Elegance

Floor-to-ceiling windows dominate this home’s wall and allow for its homeowners to enjoy the bucolic views. Two teak chairs on either side of the simple patio offer a welcome spot to sit and watch the sun set.

Contemporary Conservatory

Sleek, modern furnishings blend in seamlessly in this contemporary and airy conservatory. Full-size sliding glass doors let in light and fresh air as well as offer a quick escape to the gorgeously maintained garden.

Quaint Sitting Area

Country touches, such as white furnishings and earthenware vases, abound in this quaint sitting area. This sitting room is the ideal place to enjoy a cool glass of sweet tea. Movable taupe curtains on the skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows keep out the harsh glare of the sun and keep the space usable on the hottest of days. Bring the outdoors in with fresh-cut flowers and perfectly pruned topiaries.

Natural and Airy

Behold the true star of this sunroom, the vaulted wood ceiling. A wicker table set, paired with matching wicker plant containers, amplify the room’s beautiful wood walls.

Modern Comfort

Get ready to relax in this four-season sunroom. A contemporary ceiling fan cools you off in summer while the sleek and modern ceiling mounted fireplace keeps winter chills away. The large wicker furniture allows for easy entertaining.

Sunny Nook

Unwind with a good book in this cheerful sunroom. The rattan chairs and upholstered seat cushions pair seamlessly with the room’s flooring and walls. Any parent would love to relax in this sunroom while watching the children play outside on the deck.

Family Sunroom

This sunroom fulfills every family’s needs whether they’re entertaining friends or simply relaxing. The large windows let in ample amounts of natural light and the natural wood floors keep the space feeling airy. The room’s natural elements, such as the potted plants and the flowers adorning the chandelier, give a room a relaxed feel.

Windows, windows, windows

Eat your meal in style when dining in this luxurious sunroom. Simple Craftsmen-style furniture are the perfect complement for this unique-shaped sunroom. The details are everywhere in this room, from the patterned wood floor to the moldings on the ceiling. This room is a feast for the eyes.

Country Charm

Put your feet up and enjoy whatever the day may send your way in this four-season sunroom. The large fireplace anchors the room and provides heat on chilly nights while the oversize windows allow for plenty of natural light. Decorative country touches, such as the vintage bench and basket full of pine cones, keep the space from feeling stuffy.

Blended Styles

Behold the details of this sunroom. The tan wicker furnishings add comfort while not detracting from the large windows. The room is awash in art: from the intricate floor panels to the commanding presence of the sculpture in the corner.

Straight Up Style

Take in the mastery of this room’s design. The ample amount of windows makes this narrow room feel wide and the furniture placement creates distinct spaces within the room. One area, with the leather couches and television, serves for entertaining while the wooden desk and leather chair make a lovely work space. The tile floor is easy to keep clean, should children track in mud from the outside.

Let the Light Shine In

There’s no bad view from this sunroom. Whether you’re sitting in the ornate wicker chair at the glass-top table or on the rocking love seat, this room’s views of the lake are breathtaking. Curtains would only detract from the view.


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