Teen Bedroom Trends: Giant Flower Bedding –

Not entirely certain when this happened, but flowers are getting bigger. No – it’s not due to global warming. Just a design trend I’m seeing in floral bedding.

It’s mostly targeted to teens, I think, as I look at these styles. Tons of very, very, very large flowers having been making their way into bedding styles. I love most of them because they’re so dramatic and eye-catching and girly without being too little girl (like the Sloane set from Target pictured here). Which makes them perfect for a teen. Not to mention, a few big flowers is far less fussy a look than something with tons of small flowers.

One of the places these are popping up the most is over at Target. Their latest designs are quite slanted in this direction. But there are a ton of options blooming all over. I’ve featured a couple of my favorites here, but you can check out a bigger selection of giant flower bedding I collected in the catalog.

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