Tips on Using Wall Decals and Murals

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Different types and what to expect

If you’re just starting your shopping for wall decals for kids rooms, you need to know that a lot of different terms are used to mean the same thing. And a lot of things are called decals or murals when they’re really something else.

Here’s a run-down of the types you can expect to see and what to look for.


You’ll see these terms used interchangeably. Generally, what it means is that you’re getting a few to a lot of individual images, not necessarily meant to be used to create a scene. For example, there’s a set of Dora stickers that includes three different images of Dora. Great for placing around the room, but strange if you clump them together.

This category also has a wide range in size. A set might be four paper sized sheets, which can hold a lot of images but they’ll all be fairly small. Great for putting on furniture or a small area around the bed, but not for dramatic effect. Others can be quite large – like at Fathead – which makes them dramatic, but you need to have the wall space to play them up.

Borders and wallpaper

Still fairly common, especially sticker-style wall borders. You’ll want to make sure you understand if you’re getting a stick-on type or pre-pasted that goes on the old-fashioned way. (And comes off the hard way!)

Note that occasionally you’ll see the word “border” to describe a particular set of stickers meant to go along a straight edge in a specific design and not necessarily an actual wallpaper border.


A term that pretty much means a scene. This could be a single piece of paper that goes up like wallpaper – a stick-on poster, if you will – or lots of wall decals that work together to create a scene.

The larger, single sheet murals come in the repositionable stick-on kind, as well as pre-pasted that require water. Make sure you know what you’re getting. MagicMurals and Murals Your Way offer you both options when you place your order.

I see a lot of murals where it says “self-adhesive” and what they’re describing is a stencil, not a graphic. So you’d end up with a mural, but only after you paint it on.


These are starting to pop up more and are another case of making sure you read the description. Traceable generally means a stencil. It sticks to the wall, and rather than paint through it, you trace the design, then go back and paint. This is a great idea if you want a specific image in a specific color, but there will be work required to get there.

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