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If you haven’t had your nose stuck in a decorating magazine lately, you might have missed that chevrons are really hot right now. Not sure just what it is about the zig zag pattern that has everyone drooling over it, but I will say it is a nice change from straight stripes.

As a result of the cool factor, you can get just about anything in chevron pattern these days – art, furniture, bedding. Don’t go crazy putting it everywhere, though. Just like any other design, work it in with the other patterns and textures in the room. Go big, bright and bold or introduce it with a subtle touch in a rug or picture. Pretty much any way you might combine stripes with other designs you can use chevrons instead.

Many of the designs I’ve seen and collected here are just one color chevrons. That tends to be what you see in the really trendy stuff in colors from gray to coral. But multi-colored chevrons are hot as well and can be a great inspiration piece for a room. Keep in mind as you’re looking for items to add that chevron is just one name you’ll see for this pattern. There’s also zig zag, wave and herringbone being used, although it’s not a true herringbone pattern, really.

Just a few of the many, many, many bedroom and decor items you can get in chevron these days! Oh – and check out the huge collection of chevron bedding I’ve found!

  1. Gradient Chevron Black Rectangular Rug
  2. Student Lounge Chevron Comforter Set
  3. Chevron Upholstered Bed
  4. Panama Wave Storage Bench
  5. Chevron Floor Cushion
  6. DwellStudio Chevron Citrine Pillow
  7. Room Essentials Multi Chevron Decorative Pillow
  8. Wall Art Weathered Chevron
  9. Chevron Short Vase
  10. Chevron Canvas Kids Wall Décor
  11. Chevron Woven Baskets
  12. Malden International Designs Malden Chevron Pattern Orange Glass Picture Frame
  13. Chevron Stripes Style 2 Wall Art Decal
  14. Chevron Dog Art

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