Twilight Wall Decals and Quotes –

Twilight Wall Decals and Quotes

Because no one expresses love like a vampire, right?

Bella and Edward’s love story took the world by storm, giving rise to teen obsession everywhere with the Twilight story.

Some of the best lines (that is, the most romantic) have been turned into neat stickers that can dress up the walls of your room. More sophisticated than a poster but just as easy to put up.

Check out the quotes I’ve found below as well as other related graphics for Bella, Edward and Jacob. Great ideas for anyone who wants to add a touch of the romantic saga to their bedroom.

Romantic Lines

These are the lines that have the girls swooning and the guys gagging. Or just scratching their heads trying to figure out what their girlfriends are babbling on about this “romantic” stuff. They definitely don’t sound like the way real people talk.

Both are from Edward, talking to Bella, taken from the movie.

If I had to choose between loving you and breathing
23? x 13?
Only in black

Newclew Edward Cullen Today Forever Quote
22? wide x 9? tall
Shown in black but choose from nine colors

General Themed Designs

These styles are taking off on the look of the book and movie titles or other elements and references that are related.

LIVE LOVE Vinyl Room Sticker
Lots of love for this design among the reviews
Only in black

Book Names Design
Choose from 15 different colors
Font is close but not exactly like the book covers

Edward Cullen Silhouette
50? tall
Comes with additional small stickers like I <3 Edward and Forks

Inspired Graphic Title Design
Your choice of several colors
19? wide
Not precisely the right font, but close

Twilight Edward Bella New Moon Wall Decal Sticker Large Cullen Crest
24? x 32? so a nice dramatic piece

Twilight Jacob Tattoo Wall Art Decal Mural

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