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Do kids even use alarm clocks these days? I’ve made the switch over to the alarm on my phone, but for children too young for a cell phone (my twins, for example), an old-fashioned alarm clock is the way to go.

OK – the collection I’ve gathered here aren’t just for kids. I’ll admit that. But they are some of the coolest alarm clocks I’ve ever seen. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to the sound of a police siren or to a polite British butler?

Some of these unique alarm clocks will work well within a specific room theme – police, video games, airplane – but for the most part, these are just fun clocks that add some extra whimsy to a child’s room. A few chosen because of how they look, some because of how they work. But each is unique, creative and totally cool.

Pop Culture Clocks – Classic video games, TV shows and toys

Pop culture has given us a lot of great icons, and those are often perfect touches to toss into a kid’s room. They’re whimsical, colorful and just plain fun. One of my favorites is the Rubik’s Cube alarm clock pictured here. It doesn’t work like a real cube, only the top part swivels. But when it does, you can change the display between the time, alarm, calendar and even temperature. If Rubik’s Cube isn’t your thing, check out the video game related options below. The arcade game one is pretty darn cool, as is the nice bright Space Invaders version.

Arcade Machine Alarm Clock

  • Makes real retro gaming sounds – not entirely sure what that is since every game had its own unique song and sounds, but likely it makes you think of all of them
  • Use the joysticks to turn it off in the morning
  • Runs on batteries
  • Uses 24-hour clock (military time)
  • Just 6? tall

Doctor Who Dalek Projection Clock

  • Exterminate! Exterminate! That ought to get you out of bed in the morning!
  • Projects time on ceiling or wall in glowing blue
  • Cycles through three Dalek sound effects – hover, exterminate and gunstick
  • Runs on batteries
  • Close to 10? tall

Space Invaders Green Alarm Clock

  • Shaped like the invader from the arcade game
  • Features sounds from the game as the alarm
  • Eyes light up

Paladone Pac-Man Alarm Clock

  • Another featuring sounds from the original game. In fact, the tune that plays right before you start the first level is the alarm and then it goes “wampa wampa” until you wake up
  • 24-hour clock (military time)

Kids Alarm Clocks With Wacky Style

Ha! Now when you beg for five more minutes, your clock actually responds! Love it. The Ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock responds to over 30 voice commands like “Today’s Date”, “Temperature” and “Play Radio”. You can set two alarms and change between six different sounds to wake up to and another six to go to sleep with. Comes with a USB cable and adapter, but also works on batteries. But if you prefer waking up to loud and annoying, check out the police siren, bomb or disco ball options.

Fan Fever The Goal Light Alarm Clock

  • Batteries included
  • Includes all 30 NHL team labels so you can add the one that goes with your favorite team (go Penguins!)
  • LCD clock display

4M Potato Clock

This kit contains a digital clock, and the instructions and everything you need (minus the spuds) to run it

  • Does not include potatoes. They actually think they have to tell you that. Seriously.
  • Watch your child’s delight and sense of accomplishment with the clock they create
  • Turn the kids onto the notion of leaving a smaller carbon footprint
  • No batteries required

Timex Shake And Wake Alarm Clock

  • The whole thing vibrates, so if you don’t get to it fast enough, you might find it’s vibrated right off your bedside table. That’ll get you up.
  • Seven different wacky phrases serve as the alarm. You get a new one every time you press snooze
  • Available in black with white or white with pink

Alarm Clocks to Play With – More than just a clock, but a toy too!

There is no way of getting out of waking up with this alarm clock. The Flying Alarm Clock not only has a loud shrieking alarm, but a key that takes off as soon as the alarm goes off. It’s the perfect way to get yourself up in the morning since you have to chase down the propeller-driven key in order to turn off the racket. And that key isn’t going to make it easy for you.

If you think that isn’t going to be enough, you could try the others below. The dumbbell option helps you get your exercise in as well since you have to pump iron quite a few times to make the sound turn off. (Using the term “iron” loosely since they only weigh a couple of pounds.)

Or try the target clock, where you have to wake up enough to hit the target before the alarm turns off.

Itopanda® Dumbbell Alarm Clock with Cold Light

Set it to go off with just one swing or put it in exercise mode and watch it count down your reps in order to turn off the alarm.

Laser Target Shooting Gun Alarm Clock

  • You have to hit the bulls eye to get it to stop
  • Set it to quick shot mode and you have to get five perfect shots within three minutes. That doesn’t seem like much of a challenge, actually.
  • Three different game modes
  • Record your own voice and add your own sound effects
  • Also found it in black

Novelty Defusable Bomb Alarm Clock

  • Time Bomb shaped design perfect for heavy sleepers
  • In game mode, you have to defuse the bomb by taking away correct one of the 4 wires within the 10 second countdown to get it to go off.
  • 24-hour clock (military time)
  • Built-in rechargeable battery; recharge with USB power cable

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