Unique Tree Wall Decals for Kids –

Tree wall decals that are tall with style

I love using wall decals in decorating. They go up so quick and easy and come in thousands of different designs.

And those thousands of different designs? Those are just trees! I looked around at tree wall decals for ones that were really cool and would work in a kids bedroom. And there are just too many to show you. Too many!

So I’ve picked my favorite tree wall decals to include here, but know that the hunt is just starting if you want trees. I have modern abstract trees, colorful forests and stark graphical examples. All are beautiful, all are stylish, all are guaranteed to get a reaction.

Abstract and Modern Tree Decals

Tree of Hope Giant Wall Decal
At Pokkadots & ModernNursery

I love this one, but I’m not sure why it’s called tree of hope instead of tree of love. The text on the trunk is the passage from I Corinthians about love is kind, etc. The colors are great, and the whole thing has kind of the look of of a scrapbooking project. The entire thing can be moved around easily and you can place the words and other elements around the room rather than all on the tree.

The decals are printed on a clear vinyl to make it look a little more like it’s stenciled on. Tree is 60? tall when assembled.

Colorful Tree Wall Decals

My Little Forest Kids Wall Decal

I do wish these trees came in some different color combinations, but I do love purple and turquoise together! You get three giant trees that reach 39? tall. Place them together in a grouping like in the picture or spread them out around the room.

Where the Wild Things Grow
Enchanted Forest Wall Stickers
At WallStickerShop

These tree decals are pure fancy while also being very down to earth. They’re fruit trees you and your child will recognize – apple, pear, lemon, orange – but drawn in whimsical style.

These are fabric rather than vinyl, but go up the same way and are just as easy to take down. The trees vary from about 38? tall to 55? tall and are made in the US out of non-toxic materials and lead-free ink. Place them together for a dramatic forest down one wall or scatter them around a room.

Two more in the same family, just a different number of trees.

Wish Tree Kids Wall Decal

Now this is one colorful and happy tree decal! It’s a vinyl decal from Studio Luka, one of my favorite decal designers. It stands just 49? tall and is almost as wide once you have the grass down and all the leaves on.

There are 51 pieces total in this decal, including lots of colorful leaves, bugs, grass and a few animals for good measure.

Graphical Tree Wall Decals

Curvy Tree Vinyl Wall Decal

This fanciful tree is available at Amazon from Digiflare Graphics. It’s a full 7? tall and nearly as wide. You can customize the colors to get one that matches your decor.

Pop Tree Wall Decal
At AllPosters

There isn’t a lot of information available about this decal, actually. That doesn’t stop it from being cool. It looks like the trunk of the tree is about 27? tall, with the branches and leaves adding close to the same on top of that.

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