Walk In Shower Ideas

Walk-in showers offer easy clean up and, most importantly, easy style. The showers’ large glass doors are far easier to clean than sliding glass doors.

Walk-in showers are also an easy way to lend sophistication to any bathroom, just pair the large glass doors with tile walls. These features definitely shower a bathroom with style.

Spacious and Stylish

This bathroom is as large as it is stylish. The soaking tub, strategically placed in the corner by the windows, allows you to soak in the views as you bathe. Double sinks and water closet lend utility. The glass block tiles of the shower let in light, but also lend privacy.

Classic and Clean

This bathroom serves up classic and clean style. The shower’s large glass doors showcase the shower’s white subway tile which is an ideal complement to the white and black honeycomb floor tile. The white wainscot continues the classic theme while the predominately black clawfoot tub adds an unexpected pop of color.

Simply Stunning

Wow. Behold a masterful work with various bathroom tiles. The walk-in shower, complete with matching tile seat, pairs beautifully with the tile backsplash. Special touches, such as the elegant double sinks and the gorgeous grain of the wood cabinets, make this bathroom extraordinary.

Beautiful Options

This spacious bathroom offers your choice of cleaning methods, soaking tub or walk-in shower. Dark bronze fixtures lend a pop of color against the tan walls and sandy beige tile walls. White moulding offers simple sophistication to an elegant space.

Unique Features

Behold this unique shower which is, bravely, positioned in the middle of the bathroom. Glass walls on either side of the shower do make the bathroom seem bigger, but privacy could be an issue. The wall-mounted mirror, however, makes a shave in the shower easier than ever.

Shower in Luxury

Red marble takes center stage in this bathroom. The spacious walk-in shower even offers a seat, made of the same red marble as the walls, for those in need. Behold the use of unique red marble for the adjoining soaking tub, gorgeous!

Modern and Airy

This modern bathroom just shines. A large spacious walk-in shower with an over sized showerhead oozes with luxury. Plus, look at all the storage compartments in the adjoining closet. Easy access to a closet with copious amounts of storage space, makes getting ready in the morning a breeze.

Light and Bright

This spacious bathroom is flooded with natural light from the windows and skylight. The use of white marble tile beautifully enhances the room’s light and airy feel. The homeowners’ lack of decorative objects makes this bathroom feel calming and spa-like.

Luxurious Details

No luxurious detail was overlooked in this bathroom. The walk-in shower features a standard showerhead as well as a rainfall showerhead while the soaking tub is sleek and elegant. The sandy tan walls make the space feel calming, but the dark brown vanity and cabinet lend an appreciated pop of color.

Magnificent Marble

Marble makes this bathroom feel glamorous. It’s hard to choose whether to relax in the jetted soaking tub or refresh in the walk-in shower, complete with multiple showerheads. The corner table is the ideal place to apply makeup or finish getting ready for the day.

Tile Show

This remodeled bathroom shows you how to incorporate a new feature, such as the walk-in shower, into an older home. The large walk-in shower is the focus of this bathroom and blends seamlessly with the space. The tan shower tiles complement the blue walls and the rug unifies the entire space.

Traditional with a touch of Glamor

This bathroom successfully merges the traditional with the glamorous. The marble floor is beautiful as is the large walk-in shower with rainfall showerhead and built-in radio speaker. The classic white clawfoot tub anchors the room and keeps it from being too over-the-top.

Minimal and Beautiful

Step into style in this stylish walk-in shower. Dual showerheads allow for two to shower at the same time while the single piece of glass prevents water from splashing into the bathroom. The heated towel rack not only warms your towels as it warms the bathroom.

Seeing Red

This bathroom is full of charming details. The dark red walls make the white fixtures and bead board pop while the black-and-white tile floor oozes with vintage charm. The large Oriental-inspired rug ties the room together.

Soothing in Blue

The homeowners expertly integrated light colored subway tile with dark wood cabinetry and this results in a bathroom with a sense of duality. One side, with the soaking tub and glass enclosed walk-in shower is light and bright while the other side, with the cabinetry, is dark and traditional. The black-and-white tile floor unites the two, seemingly disparate, areas.

Handpainted Treasure

Wow, this bathroom is exquisite. Beige tiles pair nicely with the white fixtures and the glass enclosed walk-in shower is spacious and spa-like. However, it’s the hand-painted arches and mural that really make you step back and say ‘wow.’

Details, Details

This spacious master bathroom doesn’t skimp on the details. The skylight is perfectly positioned over the soaking tub and the walk-in shower features two showerheads and a tiled sitting bench. Tan tiles and beige walls are anything but boring, they work together to make the room feel serene and calm.


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