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New product alert and it’s a great one. Over at YourDecoShop, they’ve added a new kind of wall decal to the mix – magnet boards.

Now, chalkboard wall decals have been around a while – they were one of the ways I suggested for adding a chalkboard to a room – and using the decal is a great way to quickly add them without damaging the wall and to put it where you want. Even if that’s a new place every week.

Now, these magnetic boards are a little different because they involve using paint in addition to the decal. Totally cool, although it’s not clear to me if the paint goes on the wall rather than on the decal. Or why it’s not part of the decal.

Still, they are really cool. The decal border designs make it simple to get a shaped design with distinctive borders, rather than just a plain box, which is what most of us would do if left to our own devices.

There are many options to choose from, from simple designs like the speech bubble and paper clipped memo pictured here. One of the more complicated ones I found was an octopus – you’d paint the entire shape including all eight legs. The trick for the painting is the stencil included with the decal. Oh, and you get the magnetic paint and 10 special magnets to use with the board.

Oh, and as a bonus, I have a code that gets you a 10% discount and free shipping. Just enter the code DECOFREE when you check out. Sweet.

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