WWE Decor –

WWE Decor

Whether you love a specific wrestler or just want to celebrate everything about the sport, there’s some great WWE decor options for you. Also perfect gift ideas if you have a fan in your life. While these make great items to include in a WWE themed room, they also would be at home in any room with a more generic theme.

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WWE Posters and Prints

WWE – Collage
At AllPosters.com

WWE – Grid 14
At AllPosters

WWE John Cena
At AllPosters.com

WWE Decor

WWE Pop-Up Hamper
$11 at Walmart.com

Trademark 14 in. WWE Kids Randy Orton Neon Clock
At HomeDepot.com
One of several in the series available

Trademark 14 in. WWE Kids The Rock Neon Clock
At HomeDepot.com
One of several in the series available

WWE Twin Bell Alarm Clock

WWE Wrestlemania Superstars Alarm Clock

WWE Ringside Alarm Clock
This has to be one of the coolest themed clocks I’ve ever seen!
Says “Smackdown” on the front and “Raw” on the side

WWE Retro Alarm Clock
Featuring John Cena and The Miz

John Cena “The Champ Is Here” Lamp
$39.99 at WWE Store
Designs available for The Miz, CM Punk and others as well

2016 WWE Calendars

Designs for this year are the same as last year – in organization at least. The look is actually a bit more grungy and underground with roughed up metal backgrounds and borders. Oh, and they didn’t include the autograph signatures this time. I wonder why. Different collection of wrestlers as well, which is always nice. All the monthly images repeat for the big and mini wall versions, so which you choose is totally based on size of the space you have for them on the wall.

In all cases, the monthly grid isn’t the most important thing on the page, so it’s scrunched down to only take up about a third of the space. So don’t count on making extensive notes on these. And anticipate staples right in the middle of the wrestler image.

WWE Wall Calendar
from: Calendars.com

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