12 Decking Ideas You Can Draw Inspiration From

Decking ideas

Your backyard deck is a reflection of your activities. If you are into social gatherings such as barbecue day parties, you can install a deck that promotes participation – perhaps an outdoor kitchen or one with a barbecue grill.

If you prefer quiet evenings with your friends over a fire, then a fire pit may warm you and your friends on these starry nights. Your deck design is based on your preference and budget. You can have decking in garden or a wood deck if this suits your ideas and choice of material for a backyard deck.

As a matter of preference, you can add features, such as garden decks, that you like and choose on any deck design ideas if budget is not a problem. However, if the budget is restricted, you can choose inexpensive materials inspired by your decking ideas notes and still achieve the look that you’re after.

The average cost of adding a deck to your home costs 20 USD to 50 USD per square foot. A 20 by 20 deck will cost you 8,000 USD to 20,000 USD depending on the cost of the materials. There are a lot of backyard deck ideas and outdoor space features to choose from. Here are some tips that may help you decide.

Idea one: Wood, stone, or composite backyard deck

Aside from personal preference, you have to consider the surroundings of the backyard deck, costs of materials and labor, and maintenance of each. You can keep the decking in alignment with the design of the house. If the house has lots of lovely cedar, you may want to keep this theme for your wood decking. Wood is also easier to work with. It can be cut easily into your preferred shape. However charming wood is, it still may rot. Cleaning and staining should be regular.

Another alternative is stone. The color of the real stone will not fade. Also, it rarely gets stained. Most stones are inexpensive compared to wood. But, installing stones may require large equipment. In terms of strength, however, composite materials are sturdier than wood or stone. Made from recycled plastics and wood, such materials generally do not need any sealing or repainting.

Idea two: Firepit or no pit

If you love getting warm while sharing stories with your friends, a fire pit may be your kind of thing. Also, a fire pit can be a focal point of your backyard deck. It can raise the value of your home. But, you have to be responsible if ever you decide on installing a fire pit. Fire is a hazardous thing, and an uncontrollable one is deadly. The fire pit should be away from the house. Also, make sure that dry leaves or any flammable clutter are away from the fire pit. If you plan on installing a wooden backyard deck, a fire pit mat can prevent a fire from spreading.

Idea three: Single-level or multi-level

If you prefer clean lines, a single-level land will provide you that no-frills, straight look. However, a multi-level land may provide you with more opportunities for water features such as a small pond or miniature falls without much need for leveling. You can work beautiful wonders with a sloped or multi-level land. Instead of leveling it, you can install a backyard deck on higher ground, giving you a nice view. A deck with a lower ground level may work if you opt for more privacy on a quiet, romantic evening. But, in some cases, you may have to install a riprap or reinforce a wall for your sloping land. Also, you must account for additional lighting too to prevent slips when dark.

Idea four: Contrasting or matching colors for Inspiration

Using contrasting or matching colors may highlight features of your deck. While a lighter wood stain may give a cleaner and more expansive look, it may be more costly. A lighter wood stain has less protection on the more aggressive stains. But a darker wood stain may hide the usual stains brought about by red wine or food. However, it may make the deck feel smaller. The effect is similar to the use of contrasting colors. It will make space feel smaller. But, if you are opting for a separate feel for your outdoor deck compared to the interiors of your home, you can use contrasting backyard deck design.

Idea five: Built-in seating or not

Redesigning your backyard deck designs may be a problem for built-in seating. But, this type of seating may be cheaper as you can decide on the design and make it cheaper than individual seating. This also saves space as you do not have to store them during the winter. Further, you can also customize these chairs to be multi-level or even hanging from the roof. As for removable seats, they are beneficial as you can carry them around however you see fit. Also, updating your deck designs to complement each item’s styles is easier too as you don’t need to reoutfit the outdated built-in seat.


Idea six: Tub or no tub for your wood deck

Some decks are now installing a hot tub to achieve a cozier look. Different design ideas for hot tubs are made to compliment the overall feel of the deck design or the garden in general. Zen gardens with stone decks are employing the use of a stylish metal hot tub, similar to the Japanese style. If you want to have that fun water party with bubbles of water all around with a glass of wine, on one hand, installing a Jacuzzi is the way to go. Don’t forget to install a good foundation for your decks though, since a hot tub can weigh a lot.

Idea seven: Outdoor kitchen deck ideas

For a more engaging social gathering, installing an outdoor kitchen to your deck designs is the way to go. Your friends can help with preparing meals. This makes preparing food faster and more fun. The outdoor living space experience is also good as you become more bonded with your friends and family. Letting them participate can make your food more sumptuous and fulfilling. However, an outdoor kitchen may add on to costs significantly because you need to connect pipes in sinks for the source of water and its drainage.

If you plan to dine more outside, planting citronella on pots may drive away pesky mosquitoes. There are also some plants that attract insects. Make sure you don’t plant those!

Idea eight: With roof cover or without

Where climate change is already being felt, it is a good idea to come prepared for extreme weather conditions. If you prefer a roof overhead your backyard deck, be sure to choose one that can carry the weight of the snow if you live in regions with cooler climates. Some persons do not prefer roofs over their decks as it is said to retract the feeling of communing with the outdoors. However, if you prefer a roof over your head but would want to enjoy stargazing, you may choose transparent roofing.

Idea nine: Inspiration for a Gazebo at the patio

While some homeowners prefer a gazebo over their decks, some prefer their gazebos on other parts of the garden. A gazebo on the deck may add or detract from the value of your house. Depending on the material of the gazebo, your deck’s strength should be up for its weight. Also, the gazebo should be securely fastened to your deck in case of strong winds or storms. The options include bolting the gazebo on your deck or simply placing it in. It is more difficult to bolt the gazebo if and when you decide to move it. If you are uncertain and have no clear-cut idea on where to place your gazebo, you may want to use metal straps to install it in your deck.

Idea ten: Railings as Deck Ideas, Why Not?

Some homeowners install railings for protection, especially with elevated decks. But for some, they still use railings for aesthetic purposes. Check the requirements in your area if you need to install railings for your elevated deck. Aside from the railings being mandatory regulation, railings provide a feeling of security and safety. Also, since railings add on weight that will be supported by your decks, choose one that is lightweight but durable. Decks that wouldn’t corrode, stain, or rot are also very popular in beach houses.

Idea eleven: a garden trellis

If you love plants, you can plant a vine over a trellis on your deck. For gardens with decking, imagine reading your favorite book on a chair or listening to beats while texting your friends on the phone. Now, you don’t have to go inside the house if the sun’s rays are beating down on you at noon. A trellis though does not provide complete protection from the rain, but it can block some sunlight. You can also plant your favorite flowering vines over your trellis and make the garden deck more welcoming and picturesque, further adding to the value of your house.

Idea twelve: Curved Corners are great deck ideas

Since curves promote continuity of vision, your garden deck will look wider than it actually is. This is most especially helpful for small decks. This will also provide a softer look for your small deck, making it more inviting. For curved corners on your decks, make sure that there is plenty of lighting to prevent missteps. Some homeowners prefer decks with linear edges to make their decks the focal point of their yard.

Adding features to your house may add value to it. For example, between a patio and a deck, a patio is easier to install and is less expensive. The features of your deck need not be expensive though. However, a deck is said to add more value to your house if you decide to resell your home.

14 Walk In Closet Ideas That Create Space

closet ideas

Clothes maketh a man. Whether you believe it or not, chances are more people are going to believe you when you’re well-dressed perfectly in a crisp three-piece suit with killer shoes. Add in a well-prepared presentation or a setting for a job interview and you’re good to go. The clothes that you wear, believe it or not, may define you. And this is the reason why some people invest in them. Naturally, as with any investment, you would want to protect them. And what better way to keep them safe than to start updating where you keep them.

Having a walk in closet is ideal for most households. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just women who need plenty of closet storage space like cabinets. If you’re building a home, consider having a separate room and think of set ideas for better organization. Closet systems can include hanging spaces, drawers, shelves, and even the nook and crannies can be used as great storage space to keep small accessories.

How do you start making your closets look more fab? Here are 14 tips to help you along.

Wipe your closet clean. 

First things first! Your walk-in closet needs to be cleaned. Remove all your clothes, footwear, and accessories. Wipe everything with a clean cloth and use a vacuum when necessary. Your things are now in a messy pile. After seeing this heap, you may be discouraged to continue but what may appear to be counterproductive may actually hasten the entire process. This is now the perfect time to untangle one clothing from another and organize them into seasonals, daily wear, and formal wear. Tapping your inner Marie Kondo and also getting rid of some clothes that don’t “spark joy” anymore, may do the trick in getting rid of your older clothes – clothes with nostalgia not included as well.

Provide sufficient lighting.

With the proper lighting, you can choose what you wear fairly fast. Their reason why boutique stores invest in the proper lighting is for you to appear glowing under the yellow hues Instead of appearing pale and ghastly under the plain whites. When there is enough lighting, most clothes could be seen more easily. And what you can see and do not wear now, may actually be worn in the future. More commonly now, a chandelier is installed to give your walk in closet ideas the pizzazz that it needs. For others, a matching pendant lamp is all the closet needs for that glamorous, glittering look.

Install adjustable shelves.

Your home situation, on one hand, may become different in the future so using adjustable shelves for your walk-in closet can save you money. On the other hand, your career may also change, requiring you to wear more clothes that are better taken care of when hung. This is where you are now thankful for the decision you almost considered insignificant in the past. Instead of hiring a carpenter for the reinstallation of cabinets and drawers for your walk in closet ideas, you now have the money-saving option of doing it yourself. With the addition or removal of shelves, the functionality of your closet may take a 360-degree turn – all befits the new you.

Use transparent shelving.

Did you ever buy a piece of clothing that you completely forgot about? Your closet is not a hidden trove of treasures that you may discover. Instead, your walk in closet is meant to highlight your shoes, clothes, and accessories for you to actually wear them. When you regularly see your clothes or your footwear, a thought though casual may come into your head. The thought is – I am going to wear you someday. Or the thought maybe the opposite, I have not been wearing this pair of shoes for years now, maybe I should just let this one go. Whatever the thought is, when you see the item, you think of action for it.

Transform your closet corners as storage.

Corners in the walk-in closet design need not be empty. Space can be smartly transformed as a revolving display for shoes. Much like your clothes, your shoes need to be seen for them to actually be worn. Some people say that your shoes are the most important part of your outfit. Having their own nook where your collections may be displayed gives some people joy even if these shoes are not actually worn regularly. While some people turn to shoes as the last item of clothing worn, some people do the opposite. They pick shoes first and pick other items of clothing next. This is what makes walk in wardrobes so ideal. Big closets let people see what they have and plan what they want to wear. having ample hanging space also keeps clothes and accessories organized.

Prepare a means of reaching high up your shelves.

To save space, walk-in closets are using every inch of the vertical wall. Seasonals are usually stored up your shelves. There will come a time when you will use them. But how can you use them if you cannot reach up high? With items that cannot be seen; similarly, with items that cannot be reached, they tend to be not worn at all. However, these clothes are stored to be worn. As a solution, a sturdy ladder within reach is highly recommended.

Designate a spot for each type of clothing in your walk in wardrobe.

Depending on your lifestyle, your clothes may be classified in different ways. If you are the athletic type, holding together your sporty clothing items in one place is downright easier. Regular clothing may be placed in one corner of your small walk-in closet. The more formal ones may be placed in another corner. When you have too many clothes and are trying to make use of each of them, color-coding them may work for your closet systems. You can combine red tops in one corner of your drawers, your orange tops in the middle part of your drawers, and yellow tops in the other corner. And when you use one red top, for example, you can put the latest top that you have worn at the farthest edge. of the drawers.

Do this systematically with the other colored tops and by the end of the year, you may have worn all of the clothes in your drawers. This is one of the design ideas which really work for busy, working people who want to stay organized and look great.

Use alternative shelving solutions for closets.

Alternative solutions are always welcome. In time, you will run out of space. This is where you can use other items for storage and display. Rectangular wicker baskets may be good for storing your clutch bags. Tired of unentangling your necklaces, you can use corkboards instead to display them. You can also simply pin some of your accessories here. Not a fan of corkboards? Your chosen print and stapler may do wonders on your corkboard. No more boring browns! Hooray!

Add mirrors to your small walk-in closet.

We all know that mirrors give the illusion of more space, hence its installation on small spaces. Sometimes, mirrors are put up in a certain space not for functionality, but for design only. But what if you have your family with you there on a special occasion? For a bigger walk-in closet, install more than one mirror. Not only are you checking on how you look, but they are also trying on clothes and checking how they look. This walk in wardrobe ideas work only when you have the space. You can install the mirrors on the cabinets and make the room more spacious and brighter.

Use wallpaper or paint with your personal signature.

There are a good many reasons why most walk-in closet ideas involve white paint. White is pure, clean, and a contrast to most colors. Your red jacket has never been this good in a roomful of white. While you know that you will be using this jacket at night; right now, seeing yourself in this red jacket makes you feel important. Power dressing, anyone? Most walk-in closet design made the closets as an extension of bedrooms. For this reason, wallpapers are usually chosen akin to the bedroom. For others, their walk-in closets are a reminder of how they can transform into the fabulous beings that they believe to be.

Use household items to organize and protect your clothes

Some of your more worn shoes may lose their shape. For this walk-in closet ideas, you can cut pool noodles and insert them into your boots. When you have boots, letting them stand on your closet may make them last longer. It also makes your closet neater and when properly organized, saves more space. Also, an ice cube tray is a cost-efficient way to store or keep your rings or earrings. It can save time when you can see all of these accessories at once.

Put hooks or a table in your small walk-in closet.

At most times, you know what you are going to wear almost immediately. But at some times, it may take you a while to choose which item of clothing you are going for. This is where a table or hooks may get handy. You can temporarily hang clothing on hooks while you are choosing one from another. Tables are also important walk-in closet ideas. Aside from tables being additional storage, you can temporarily place them on top to see which item goes with the other item in terms of style, color, or function.

Add on a bench or a chair.

As a matter of safety and design, you have to add a bench or a chair. How else would you safely wear your 5-inch heels and still maintain balance? Also, your friend or family member can also sit and wait here as you ask their help on which clothes look good on you. Also, a chair may add personality to your small walk-in closet. Make sure to choose one that compliments your style and pick a sturdy one at that.

Angle your shelves in a small walk-in closet.

Again, when you can see it, you will use it. As you can observe in stores that sell footwear, some of them use angled shelves. Aside from seeing them more clearly, it enables you to actually hold them more easily too. You can immediately see the foot openings where you can get a hold of it. Not only can you see it clearly now, but you’re getting a hold of it more easily too. Chances are high that you are going to use the footwear.

Having a well-planned walk-in closet will save you time and money. Whatever your design or however you organized your walk-in closet depends on you. While some persons may prioritize functionality over design, some persons prefer the opposite. The design has no boundaries, self-expression included.

Best Kitchen Faucets

Your kitchen sink is often one of the most versatile and heavily used places in your home – you can clean and prepare food, wash dishes, and even wash dirty hands if the situation calls for it.

Your kitchen sink is often one of the most versatile and heavily used places in your home – you can clean and prepare food, wash dishes, and even wash dirty hands if the situation calls for it.  There’s no reason that versatility has to preclude looks or functionality though! Do you need something that looks good but is highly durable because it will receive a lot of use, or would you prefer a kitchen faucet that is just for looks? What about neck styles? Would a single gooseneck faucet work best for your sink, or a smaller, more maneuverable pullout handle faucet? 

Today, with the growing demand for unique but functional styles, you’ve got more options than ever. To make your shopping experience a little easier, we’ve gathered together some of the things you should consider when purchasing a new faucet, as well as some of the top brands and top-selling models on the market today.

Types of Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucets come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s not even including the custom or bespoke designs that can make your kitchen truly unique but may burn quite a hole in your wallet.

There are quite a few different basic options to choose from, and most of them fall into one of three categories: pull down, single handle, and dual handle. 

Pull Down Faucets

Pull down faucets have a spray handle incorporated right into the faucet head rather than having one offset from the faucet and handles. These are fantastic for everything from washing dishes to rinsing vegetables and fruits, and everything in between.  Note – pull down faucets can be single or dual handle. 

  • Pros: Maneuverability – you’re not restricted to a rigid faucet and can move it in whatever direction you might need. 
  • No Extra Holes Needed – Perfect for sinks that only have one faucet hole/pipe, and in places where adding additional holes would not be possible. 
  • Cons: Hanging – Larger faucet handles, and ones with improper weights can end up sagging into the sink, damaging the faucet and the handle. 
  • Leaks – Constant movement and manipulation can lead to leaks. 

Single Handle 

Single handle faucets, as their name suggests, have one handle that controls both hot and cold water. 

  • Pros: Space – Single handle faucets take up less space than their duel-handled counterparts, making your counter space look much cleaner. 
  • Ease of Installation – Single handle faucets are often much easier to install. 
  • Cons: Temperature Control – With a single handle, it’s harder to get specific targeted temperatures because you’re controlling both hot and cold water with a single handle.


Dual handle faucets have two handles, one that controls hot water and one that controls cold water. 

  • Pros: Temperature Control – It’s much easier to get specific targeted temperatures with dual handled faucets. 
  • Cons: Difficult to Install – Dual handled faucets can be much more difficult to install, especially if your sink is not set up for that type of installation. 

Faucet Features

So now that you’ve got a basic idea of the type of faucet that you’re interested in, what sort of features should you be picking out?

  • Spray head type – Do you need a contoured spray head that will be comfortable for constant and sustained use, or a smaller spray head that will be used infrequently, and needs to be small and out of the way?
  • Spray or stream selector – Many spray heads have stream selectors, similar to the options on your bathroom shower head, so you can customize your sink. 
  • Temperature Controls – Some single-handled faucets have temperature controls that allow you to turn the water off and on again without resetting the temperature settings each time. 
  • Water saving – If you’re concerned about the amount of water you use, look into a water-saving faucet model. 
  • Filters – Instead of attaching a water filter to the end of your faucet, many new models come with water filters integrated into the faucet themselves. 

Those are just a small sample of the features that are available – if you’re looking for something more specific, it never hurts to ask. 

Other Things to Consider

So now you’ve picked out your perfect faucet, are there any other things that you should consider before making that big purchase?

  1. Will the new faucet match your current sink configuration? This doesn’t apply if you’re getting a new sink too! 
  2. Will the new faucet work with your sink style?  High faucets can splash badly in shallow sinks, so you may want to get a faucet with a shorter neck. 
  3. Are the pipes configured properly?  Most sinks are set up for hot and cold water, but if your sink is not set up for both, you may need to rework those pipes. 

Top Kitchen Faucet Brands

If you’re looking for the best faucets on the market, there are a few brands that you should definitely keep in mind, like: 

Delta – One of the most well know and most recognizable faucet brands, with over 180 options to choose from.

Kohler – Fantastic faucets, including a number of water-saving faucet models which are ideal for people who are concerned about water waste.

Moen – Browse by finish, by style, or by a number of customized categories. 

Grohe – Grohe isn’t one of the best know brands, but they offer some of the most unique features including integrated water filters. 

Kingston – If brass is your thing, Kingston is your brand, with a phenomenal variety of brass kitchen faucets.

Pfister – Hundreds of fantastic faucets in all different styles to choose from. 

Best Sellers

Here are the top 10 Best Sellers for Kitchen Faucets: 

1. Delta 9178 – AR – DST Single Handle Pull Down Faucet – A sleek, single handle stainless steel faucet with integrated pull down spray wand. 

2. Moen 7594ESRS Arbor – Another popular single handle pull down faucet offered in three colors – chrome, stainless, or a beautiful dark bronze.

3. Delta 9113 –  AR – DST – Single handled faucets are quite popular, with this fantastic entry from Delta coming in very high on our list. 

4. Kohler K – 596 – CP Simplace – The first entry from Kohler on our list is a sleek high-necked pull down faucet with a single handle, perfect for deeper sinks. 

5. Moen 7594SRS Arbor One – Moen’s single handle pull down faucets are perfect for every kitchen, whether you’re set up with a sink with one whole or three. 

6. Kraus KPF-2630SS – If you’ve got a deep sink or some really dirty dishes, this commercial-style pull down faucet might be the best option for you and is easily one of the best sellers on the market today.

7. Apec Faucet-CD-Coke-NP – This high neck single-handle faucet is ideal if you have a deep sink or need to fill tall water bottles on a regular basis.  

8. Delta 16970 – SSSD – DST – Delta’s pull down faucets are a fantastic addition to any kitchen – this one comes with an integrated soap dispenser as well. 

9. Kraus KPF-1630SS – This single-handle pull down kitchen faucet is fantastic for kitchens with a lot of room above the sink, because its high neck needs a lot of space. 

10. Shaco Stainless Steel Pull-out – This best-selling simple pull out faucet is a fantastic piece for any kitchen and mostly for any budget as well! 

If you’re searching for a new faucet for your new kitchen, or are simply improving your current kitchen, hopefully this will make your shopping just a little bit easier. There are tons of options to choose from, but now you know what you’re looking for! Happy shopping!

10 Front Porch Ideas For Home Improvement

What should I put on my front porch?

There are many elements that you can incorporate in your porch to upgrade its simple design. If you like entertaining guests, you can install a grill, long table, lots of chair, and a fire pit to accommodate everyone. Or if you simply want a relaxing retreat to unwind during the long day, you can put a swing or cozy chair on your porch, with some sheer curtains for that additional laid-back feel. It all depends on your personal preference and how you plan to use your porch.

What are the different types of front porches?

Though all porches function as an area that connects the inside of your house to the outside world, not every porches are made equal. Others are designed for accommodating visitors while some are constructed for relaxation and enjoyment. Front porch is the classic type of porch that is widely-used by homeowners who wanted to have a glimpse of their neighborhood or offer a welcoming landing area for visitors. Next is the back porch, which is more versatile compared to the aforementioned. It can bridge your kitchen to your outdoor garden or serve as a protected spot to watch your kids while they play outside.

How much does it cost to build a front porch?

Typically, building a front porch costs about $20-$60. The price still depends on the contractor you will choose and what ideas you will run with Some porch design ideas are more expensive than others, so it is important that you find a style for porch fronts that suit your preference, budget, and timeline for completion.

How can I improve my porch?

There are many ways to enhance your covered porch. For instance, you can change its flooring to ceramic tiles or hang your favorite art pieces up front and center. For more ideas, here are clever and fascinating front porch ideas that you can follow to improve your porch.

Chic Ceramics

For most porch, the usual flooring option is wood, however you can always do things beyond the normal by utilizing another flooring material. Some of the most popular flooring alternatives are stone tiles, porcelain, and ceramics. These materials are easy and uncomplicated to maintain, feels cool on the foot – most especially during warm weather, and offers the porch a contemporary vibe. Large-format tiles are the best ones to use.

Planter as Table Centerpiece

Summer cocktails, lemonade and iced tea wouldn’t be complete without a handful of fresh herbs. But what will make this situation even better is when you can instantly grab these herbs right on your table. This clever porch idea calls for a window-box style planter right on top of your coffee table – right where you can immediately get the freshest herbs to incorporate with your favorite cold beverage. Since your herbs will be situated on your enclosed porch, they will receive better protection from harsh elements compared to your regular outdoor plants.

Sun Roof

Install a pergola on top of your porch area to achieve a beautiful, filtered light, and establish a foundation for your plants to climb. The best thing about stand-along pergola is you can easily purchase them in many large home improvement shops and you can install them without the need for thorough and costly construction. To achieve that built-in look, you can paint your pergola with the similar color that you use on the trim of your house. The outcome? A cool and shady area to relax.

Cozy on the Outside

Dreaming of a romantic outdoor setup in the comfort of your own home? How about lying next to a fireplace while enjoying the scenic view of an ocean during the day and the star filled sky during the night? The answer is right on your porch. Build a stone fireplace on one side of your porch to keep things warm during cold evenings, allowing you to enjoy the coziness of your porch area, even on cooler seasons. Also, it creates a rustic lodge vibe to your newly-built porch, the ideal ambiance for cuddling with your loved one.

No More Prying

One of the most popular essentials for warmer weathers are white wooden shutters. They offer shade while also allowing cool breeze to enter. Large shutters are the perfect feature to transform your porch into an authentic outdoor space: they can prevent rain or wind, block the sun, and offer privacy for you and your whole family.

Maintain the Wood

Rather than painting the ceiling of your porch with the similar color you use for the whole space, maintain the rich and natural color of the wooden planks. Allowing the natural hue to stand out – especially since it works great as a contrast to the painted trim – is an intelligent way to add layers of texture and visual interest to your porch, without the need to purchase new paints and do the whole painting job. You will not only save yourself from tiresome labor, you will also save your wallet from shedding additional money. Furthermore, this is an incredible alternative for those who are fond of neutral spaces – or want a versatile canvas that will give them more freedom to experiment with bold textiles and colors on the furniture.

Letting Cool Breeze In

One thing that makes hanging out on the porch extremely cozy is the gentle breeze. But if there isn’t any, you can always be innovative and create your own source of cool breeze. You can buy huge matching fans that come with wide blades. They will not only provide you a good amount of cool air, but they also work as a stylish decorative pieces. They have a nice wood tone finish that matches the floor or ceiling of a porch, with gorgeous oil-rubbed brass accents. They work as functional element and focal point as well.

Lovely Built-Ins

Take advantage of the seating area of your porch without taking up any floor space by constructing this clever built-in idea. By creating a built-in chair or bench on the sides of your porch will allow you to have a functional element that doesn’t maximum amount of space compared to placing stand-alone furniture. Since the built-in element blends in perfectly with the railings, it won’t contribute visual clump. This discrete seating offers you massive amount of space to accommodate a number of guests or hangout with the whole family.

Outdoor Plus Indoor Lounge

As mentioned, your porch serves a lot of uses, and one of them is for entertaining families and guests. Turn your porch into a welcoming area for everyone to enjoy by installing a state of the art grill and providing spacious area to cook and serve BBQ. Of course, the massive seating area beside the contemporary fire pit is a staple to establish the best party scene. And for the final touch, rather than stuffing the tiny yard with grass – which is pretty complicated to maintain in most areas – fill it with gravel to achieve that bocce court that’s ready-for-play. Plenty of room for the gentlemen to play and unleash their competitiveness while the ladies are enjoying their cocktails and catching up with each other.

Outdoor Gallery

Give the outside wall of your home a functional yet creative use by hanging works of art on it. This smart decorating method will reflect your personality and creates an amazing first impression to anyone who enters your house. Even if you haven’t talked to your guests, they’ll immediately get a glimpse of your personality by simply watching the arts you hang on your porch. Aside from this, hanging artworks is a fast and cost-effective way to transform the space into a luxurious oasis, without doing any permanent modifications and constructions, or spending a lot of money. This is a good idea for those who are renting out their spaces but wanted to make significant changes to their porch.

Personal Oasis

This trellis-style panel works as a safety element and decorative feature, all in one. It is a true architectural detail that’s chic, stylish, and appealing. Its open woodwork offers a good amount of privacy, as well as reinforcement for plants to climb on. It covers the area without giving you the feeling of inclusiveness. Aside from this, there’s another great benefit of installing these trellis-style panels – they allow air to freely circulate all throughout the area, which is the perfect place to do your power nap.

Channeling Ivy League

Skip the traditional window boxes instead, arrange your planters on the ground if your goal is to grow a living wall stuff with lush greenery. This is an essential feature in respected universities and wineries, since wall-climbing vines offer a homey vibe that reminds you of your roots and heritage, even though it’s newly-built. Besides this, all the leaves will make you feel as if your porch is connected to the great outdoors since you are allowing nature to enter the four corner walls of your room.

Touch of Pastel

Pastel has come a long way in the field of interior design. Light tones work with any room in the house and it will also look great on your outdoor space, especially your porch. You can use periwinkle or any other bold pastel options. You can paint it in your floor, door, ceilings, or walls to add a dash of playfulness to the whole space. This cohesive palette is perfect if you are going for that beach house theme.

It’s all About Sheer

Sheer curtains never go out of style. They are a must-have inside your home and outside as well. By hanging several long and airy sheer curtains can turn your simple porch into a luxurious retreat. Aside from this, the fabric panels also have the ability to block blinding sunlight during the day or prevent light rain during unfavorable weather. This allows you to lounge in your porch comfortably. On top of that, these panels are extremely easy to install with the help of a basic curtain hardware.


Your front porch is not plainly made as a landing space on your way in or out of your home. It can be your oasis to entertain your guests, unwind with your family, or express your artistic side. From incredible paint jobs to unique built-ins and more, these amazing porch ideas will encourage to step up your designing ability and skip past that boring and predictable welcome rug.

10 Small Garden Ideas

If you are etching to revamp your small garden at home and you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss all the essentials that you can put to modify your small garden, how to maximize all the space and make it as fascinating as possible. On this note, here are 10 small garden ideas that you shouldn’t miss.

One popular misconception when it comes to a garden is it needs plenty of room and land to breathe to grow well. However, this is not particularly true. In reality, you don’t have to own a large space to create a gorgeous garden of your dreams. By having a small space, you have every foundation to make a garden that’s as appealing and aesthetically pleasing as large ones. There are a lot of garden ideas for small spaces that use simple and easy features, such as colorful plants, bubbling ponds, gravel, chairs, swing, window, table, flowers, and the likes. You can add any of these small garden ideas or add them all, and it will transform your tiny outdoor space into an enchanting backyard paradise.

If you are etching to revamp your small garden at home and you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss all the essentials that you can put to modify your small garden, how to maximize all the space and make it as fascinating as possible. On this note, here are 10 small garden ideas that you shouldn’t miss.

Garden Designs for Small Spaces

Having a big garden is almost everybody’s dream. But, not everyone has the luxury of owning a large space in the backyard. If you are one of these people who are stuck with having a tiny garden space, don’t worry because there are massive ideas on how you can optimize this little space and make it as spacious and as appealing as possible. Take note that you don’t need to have an extravagant room to be able to come up with a beautiful garden. Check out these very easy small garden ideas that you can use to beautify your little oasis.

Add a Koi Pond

Who says your small garden can’t have a koi pond? By using a space-smart strategy, you can have the luxury of installing a koi pond without taking up a lot of space. Try a step-down arrangement for the water to aesthetically frame the pond and protect your house from flooding when a heavy downpour occurs – an all-in-one idea that’s definitely worth the try.

Dare to Square

This particular gardening idea is perfect for those who live in extremely dry places where water shortage is common or for people who don’t like the idea of lawn maintenance. This simple grid system of pavers and grass is not only beckoning, but it also reduces the need to constantly maintain and take care of your garden. 

It’s All About the Walls

Plants and wall is a good combo, especially for this next gardening idea. One of the easiest and smartest ways to transform a small garden into an attractive space while also maximizing the room is to grow a long stretch of ivy or other wall-climbing plants on the wall. This will draw the eye upward, allowing it to have a large view, while also establishing an artistic flair to your yard. 

Rise Above

This lush patch of utilizes a tranquility-boosting water element and a grid of gravels that add texture, as well as an elevated bed that holds plenty of plants and flowers. With this bed, garden maintenance is simplified and made uncomplicated, since the elevated position offers a space for the gardener to sit while tending the plants or pulling out a weed.

Balance it Out

Xeriscape is the heart and soul of this next gardening idea. It is a landscaping technique designed for semiarid and arid regions that use efficient irrigation, drought-tolerant plants and flowers, and water-conserving methods. By utilizing plenty of gravel and square stone pavers, instead of grass, the need for water is decreased. Then, to soften the garden walls and incorporate a hint of greenery, add vine-laden trellis, together with a couple of dessert blooms and succulents. This gives a pop of color to the whole place while also balancing every element. 

Divide and Conquer

If a single huge deck takes up too much space in your yard or restricts the natural feel of the place, try dividing it into two. By then, you will have a walkway that is functional and flexible at the same time. It will be the perfect area to relax or converse with your family or guests. This shared design links the two halves visually, which results in having a versatile garden that facilitates rather than dominate the entire backyard area. 

Step by Step

Want to bring a feel of lushness in your yard? This next idea focuses on covering the perimeter with trellises to make it into a multi-set terrace. Though this garden design demands thorough and rigorous work, the maintenance is minimal yet the visual impact is fascinating. Worth the entire labor!

Quirky Container Garden

Arrange different varieties of planters, you can use anything from wooden crates to concrete urns, to come up with a fun and unique container garden. Assemble the alternative plant pots into different sizes and heights throughout your garden in an asymmetrical manner for that flamboyant view and feel. 

Dedicated Space

For those who have a considerable area to work with but want to maintain plants at a manageable level, you can simply dedicate one nook of your property and make it into a garden. You can level-up these small garden ideas by adding a pergola and a welcoming perch such as sky chairs or porch swing. You can also decorate the ground with some foliage arranged inside a pot for easy upkeep. Then, for a final touch, you can add a table to make your gardens a hangout place for the whole family. 

Vertical Garden Is In

With just a little imagination and several square feet, you can achieve vertical gardens even in a tiny backyard, or a small patio or porch. This design can also double as a way to express your creativity by adding upcycled items such as soda bottles, cans, or other recyclable materials. Let your artistic side shine through in this super easy design idea for gardens. 

Create a Nook

Stagger a handful of perennials, a table, and a patio chair or bench in one corner of your small yard to establish a laid-back, meditative area. Try selecting colorful containers or incorporating a dash of color to the seating arrangement to upgrade the design of the space. It’s almost close to having a little slice of paradise but in the comfort of your own home. 

More is More

When it comes to small garden space, you might want to skip your “less is more” mantra and practice the opposite. This gardening idea focuses on “more is more” technique, which suggests using large elements to make a tiny space look bigger. You can design your garden with almost everything – except for a kitchen sink, of course – such as gravel, pavers, living walls, containers, tables, pots, elegant furniture, water elements, flamboyant lighting fixtures, window boxes, and many more. Stuff every corner with attractive elements, plants, flowers, and more, to come up with an oasis that you can not only view as big but feel as well. 

Small Garden, Big Ideas

These ideas for small gardens prove that you don’t have to own a huge yard to come up with a great garden design. It’s all about maximizing the space and making the most out of every inch. Though many people dream of having a garden as big as those you normally see in movies, it all comes down to using your creativity and imagination when you have a garden the size of a box.

Thanks to a lot of unique and simple ideas for the garden, you can now do plenty of things to transform your garden into a beautiful oasis, regardless of its size. Here are the best 10 gardening ideas to make your little garden into a relaxing and accommodating retreat.

1. Divide Your Garden

One of the most practical ideas for gardens is to break your yard into small sections. You can utilize an archway or trellis, so your guests will feel as if they are walking from one outdoor space to another. Elevated beds are another great alternative to divide your gardens into several parts. 

2. Incorporate Outside Lighting

Smart utilization of lighting at night can also make your small garden appear larger. You can use different types of lights if you have the money to splurge, but for budget-conscious gardeners, LED lighting is an affordable and long-lasting option. 

3. Cozy Inside on the Outside

When the weather looks promising, throw in some outdoor rugs and colorful pillows on your chairs to give it that comfy, Mediterranean vibe. This is an idea garden that you can explore and play with besides adding a new plant and pots to the mix.

4. Extend Your Garden

Your small plant shouldn’t be limited to your garden, expand it to other parts of your property as well. You can purchase window boxes and grow colorful gorgeous flowers to brighten your outdoor space. Then, create your herb garden in your kitchen window for that instant supply of fresh herbs.  If you don’t want to plant them on the ground, you can grow herbs in colorful terra cotta pots.

5. Utilize wide-array of planters

Growing your plants using different-sized planters and pots can offer your garden a fresh new look. Use various sizes and shapes, and add trellis to support your flowering vines. Small plant containers can also add color and character to a patio or gazebo.

6. Install Mirrors

Mirrors are the best item to use if you want to make an illusion of a bigger space. Thankfully, this doesn’t apply to interiors only, it is also applicable to outdoor spaces, specifically if you want to increase the size of your tiny garden. There are a lot of garden mirrors that are made to look like windows. They are a great addition if you have a huge wall in your garden. By adding plenty of plants around the mirror, it will seamlessly blend with the surroundings. You can also create a pathway that will lead to the mirror, so it will look as if there is something more beyond your garden.

7. Play with Pergolas

Your outside space could also be an extension of your house. You can do this by installing a freestanding pergola. Grow beautiful wall-climbing plants on it and you’ll have a marvelous outdoor seating area. To add a touch of flair, you can install solar-powered fairy lights over the pergola to make it look enchanting.

8. Create Pathways

Create a pathway in your small garden. It will make it feel much larger, especially if the pathway is curved since your guests will sense as if they’re wandering around a bigger space.

9. Remodel Your Shed

If you have an ugly shed that’s taking away the entire space of your garden, don’t just take it down – remodel it. Style it in a way that will blend with the whole theme of your garden. You can paint it or grow some wall-climbing plants on it as a great cover. 

10. Conceal Hideous Bins

Hide your bins using willow or wooden screen. Most of these have built-in hinged panels so you can easily open and close the bins without the need to move the whole screen.

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas

Decorating or redecorating is one of the most exciting undertakings for anyone who is looking to turn a house into a home. Whether you are decorating a large family home for multiple people of different ages or a studio apartment for one, choosing designs, color palettes, and fixtures can be exhilarating!

One of the most important rooms in a home is the bathroom. A good bathroom will have all the necessary conveniences and will be easy on the eyes. One major component of a good bathroom design would by your choice of tile. Choosing a tile for your bathroom is a major step. A tile is not cheap and tiling bathrooms are quite difficult and must be done by professionals. You can’t paint over a tile if you get tired of the way it looks. You can’t easily remove it either. Therefore, it’s even more important to choose your tile wisely and carefully.

Some people choose to forgo tiles altogether, opting for polished concrete or large stone slabs instead. The look is on trend and beautiful in its own way, but tiled bathrooms is still preferred by most. When in doubt of your ideas, go classic. You can’t go wrong with an elegant white Carrara marble tile bathroom. But if you want to explore other options, we rounded up 17 bathroom tile ideas to help you out. We’re sure you’ll find one or two ideas you’ll love.

Mirror Bathroom Tiles

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 1

We believe you can’t have too many mirrors, especially in a bathroom! For a look that’s both decorative and functional, opt for mirror tiles. This mirror tile comes in many different sizes. The bigger ones are great if you want to actually use the mirrors to check your reflection. The smaller ones will give your bathroom a twinkling effect. Imagine how pretty and magical this will look when you light some candles while enjoying a warm bath. If you don’t have space for a bathtub in your bathroom, a mirrored shower area will look just as nice. An all white or all black fixtures will work best with this tile work.

Mosaic Tiles


17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 2

How about having a piece of art right on your bathroom wall? Mosaic tiles are beautiful when done right and gaudy when not. It can add an interesting touch to your bathroom. But don’t think a mosaic bathroom tile design is all about bursts of colors. If you prefer white and neutrals for your shower, you can still definitely do a mosaic tile installation, just opt for a monochromatic palette and keep it small. A thin column in the shower area is a good example. It’s something nice to look at while you’re in the shower.


Textured Tiles

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 3

Add interesting dimensions to a modern bathroom with large textured tiles. There are many kinds of textured tile ideas to choose from but we’re partial to large cuts with a glossy finish. This will work best if you have a large space allotted for the bathroom. If you don’t, but you have your heart set on this style of tiles for bathrooms, then choose white or a classic neutral shade for the color and limit it to one wall. Keep the rest of the bathroom simple with a minimalist design and contemporary fixtures.

Mismatched Bathroom Tiles

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 4

Imperfections and incongruences can be points of interests For a truly unique bathroom, go for mismatched tiles. Mismatched tile bathroom walls will contrast beautifully with understated and classic Carrara-tile floor. Take this opportunity to get your creative juices flowing. You can design your own mismatched tile installation using leftover tiles from interior design projects from other bathrooms. You can also use tile from the kitchen. Different shades of marble tile will also work for this project.

Uneven Tiles

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 5

A nice uneven tile work is not for everyone. Some people will go crazy with the lack of symmetry while some people will appreciate its haphazard charm. Be prepared to get creative if you choose this design. You might have to have the tiles cut yourself, if they don’t already come in different sizes. Home Depot and similar large stores where you can buy tiles will be more than willing to help a customer find exactly what they’re looking for. Chose this design for colored tiles. It won’t have quite the same effect with a white tile.

Herringbone Tiles

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 6

What a beauty! A herringbone design can be done with regular tiles. It’s really just a matter of placement. And what a difference this creative arrangement makes. There’s something so mesmerizing and beautiful about this pattern. It’s a simple hack that can elevate the look of your bathroom without doing anything drastic. Make sure the contractor you will get to install this design will be very fastidious and careful. A crooked placement can ruin the beautiful symmetry and throw off the whole design. If you also need ideas for kitchen tiles, try this out.


Art Deco Tiles

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 7

Want to feel like a million bucks while bathing? Nothing spells splendour and opulence better than Art Deco inspired design. Regardless of your redecorating budget, you can have a bathroom Jay Gatsby himself wouldn’t mind having. There are many kinds of bathroom tiles and fixtures with Art Deco elements, especially since it’s been rather popular the last several years. Aside from the Art Deco printed tile, accessorize your bathroom with equally rich-looking jazz era inspired decor.

Black and White Tiles

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 8

If you can’t decide between and all while tile and an all black tile, why not combine both? Both ideas are good on their own, but they’re better together. A classy chessboard floor tiles for the bathroom is just teeming with styling potential. Many different bathroom tile ideas will look great with this kind of flooring. For instance, it will look nice with walls of plain white tiles, Carrara marble, glossy black tiles, stone slabs, and many others. A chessboard floor is actual more common in kitchen floors than in bathrooms, but we think it looks great for a modern bathroom.

Mermaid Scales Tiles

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 9

For fun and fitting bathroom tile ideas, go for mermaid scales tile installation. Choose beautiful shades of blue or green for this uniquely shaped bathroom tile to really get into the mermaid motif. This look is playful, dreamy, and charming. It’s perfect for a little girl’s bathroom, or even for the bathroom of a grown woman who never got over her girlhood mermaid obsession.

Ombre Tiles

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 10

It’s pretty hard to avoid ombre nowadays. It’s one of the most popular designs and it’s everywhere, from hair to fashion and beauty. So why not your bathroom wall as well? To create this look, choose a bathroom tile that comes in a gradient of shades. Ask for customer assistance in your Home Depot for this. If you need ideas and inspiration, turn to nature. You could do a blue ombre to mimic the sea. Start with white on the top and finish with the darkest color on the bottom.

Wood-Look Tiles

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 11

A rustic bathroom with wood elements is truly a thing of beauty. But it’s not the most practical. Not all wood will do well in the shower. Those that can tolerate water and moisture exposure will need to be chemically treated, coated, and sealed. It’s a complicated process and it can get pricey. Good thing there is such a thing as a wood look tile. They even come is sizes meant to mimic slabs of wood. Each bathroom tile has a natural wood design, but is actually made of ceramic. It’s the best of both worlds: it looks like wood but it feels like tiles.

Brick-Effect Tiles

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 12

Bringing the outside in sure is popular. Have you ever considered an exposed brick wall for your bathroom? Undoubtedly, it’s a cool and masculine look that belongs in a stylish bachelor pad. But if you don’t feel like having actual bricks or stone in your bathroom, choose a brick effect wall tiles instead. It comes in gorgeous brick red shades but it’s made from smooth porcelain. It looks just us good and no one will be the wiser.

Pebbled Tiles

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 13

Pebbled tiles are charming and perfect for a tropical themed bathroom, but it’s also rather practical, especially for the shower area. It looks great, but these stones also offer texture, which provides better traction. You won’t slip as easily compared a smooth bathroom tile floor. We prefer the smaller stone design that feel almost flat, rather than larger stones.



Hexagonal Tiles

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 14

For a modern bathroom that’s sleek and stylish, ditch the usual square or rectangle tiles and go for hexagonal white tiles instead. You will find hexagonal tiles in different sizes but the bigger cut has more visual impact. Limit this to only one wall in your bathroom since it does tend to get overwhelming on the eyes. Keep the rest of the bathroom white, clean, and simple.

Subway Tiles

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 15

If you want to infuse a hipster vibe in your bathroom interiors, subway tiles is the way to go. You’ll find this in many different shades but for the look you are going for, stick with a white or an off white shower tile. This will look especially great for a glass-enclosed shower area and backsplash. Choose classic silver or copper colored shower fixtures.


Patterned Tiles

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 16Whoever said bathrooms should be staid, white, and boring? A gorgeous, large scale Moroccan style bathroom tile installation will dazzle you every time you enter your bathroom. If you’re feeling a bit hesitant about about the size, you can definitely do something smaller, such as patterned tiles for the backsplash. It will look just as good but it won’t dominate the room. A patterned tile backsplash is not just for the bathroom. It will also look great for the kitchen.

Jewel-Toned Bathroom Tiles

17 Bathroom Tile Ideas 17

If you are into gorgeous bold colors for tiles for bathroom, but you’re not quite sold on patterns, then go for glossy jewel-toned tiles in classic rectangle or square. A beautiful cobalt, teal, or berry bathroom tile is unexpected but stylishly elegant. This will work best for a small-sized bathroom or powder room. A black and white tile floor will be the perfect complement to jewel-toned walls. It looks like a million bucks, but you can get this opulent look on the cheap if you know where to look.

13 Shoe Storage Ideas

A shoe organizer is a necessity in any household, especially in a large household, or if you have a large collection. The best solution is to have a shoe rack for a small number of footwear. This keeps the shoes in good shape. With additional numbers, the storage requirements also increase, to scale up, there are ways to share space without adding more furniture.

There are plenty of tips on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media on how to store shoes. Some require more than just a shoe organizer or a shoe rack to sort and stow their footwear.

1. Create a Shoe shrine

13 Shoe Storage Ideas 18

What you can do to your shoes is to remove them from the floor of your closet where they are buried under a bunch of hanging clothes. However, taking them away from the floor is simply not enough. The problem is how to fit multiple pairs in a small space and still be able to see each of them?

Here’s a trick for you. Build a shoe shrine. No, it’s not a religious area where you will worship your shoes. It’s just a piece of thin yet strong aluminum shelves which gives you the maximum space you need to keep your shoes inside, even in limited space. What’s great about this storage is it is adjustable. You can adjust these shelves so you can fit your mid-height heels, boots, and flats – and they work perfectly in small areas like closets.

2. Build a Shoe Ladder

13 Shoe Storage Ideas 19

The idea behind a shoe ladder as storage is ingenious! With this, you can store your footwear in an organized way even if you have limited space. You can put this in your closet or make this a decorative ladder in any part of your house – in the entryway, bedroom, hallway, or almost anywhere. Shoe storage doesn’t have to be boring and dull, this shoe ladder is innovative, unique, and fun. This is a simple solution for a shoe collection. Alternatively, a hanging shoe or a 24 pocket shoe holder can be placed behind the door.

3. The Revolving Shoe Tray

13 Shoe Storage Ideas 20

Are you one of those people who don’t know what to do with the dead corners in your house – whether it’s in your walk-in closet, pantry, kitchen, or living room? This concept of shoe storage is perfect to finally put those dead corners into use. The revolving shoe tray is creative storage that can perfectly fit in the corners of your closet or any part of your house. When you need to store your footwear just inside the house, this shoe organizer is very convenient.

What’s amazing about this revolving tray concept is you can store your pairs and access them without any trouble. The revolving feature of the tray allows you to instantly get the shoes that you want to use during the day, by simply turning it around. You can also return the shoes in the tray without any hassle. This will keep your footwear organized.

4. Closet Tension Rods as Shoe Rack

13 Shoe Storage Ideas 21

Your households have hidden storage areas that you never know what you can use. For example, unused spaces behind your doors. What you can do transform those into a clever storage area for your shoes is to buy cheap closet tension roads and attach them in between the wall niches. This storage idea is inexpensive, yet it will hold a number of your shoes and hide them away behind your door. Shoes rack in this manner is cost-efficient.

5. Alternate Shoes In Your Shoe Shelves

13 Shoe Storage Ideas 22

This trick right here will cost you zero money. Notice how the front part of your shoes is wider and the back part is thinner, now try alternating them and watch how your shelves instantly gain more room for other shoes. This is an easy yet useful trick to share and free up space in your shoe shelves without the need to spend a lot of cash. You can easily add up to 25% more space with these shoe shelf ideas.

6. Install shoe drawers under stair treads

13 Shoe Storage Ideas 23

This trick is perfect for newly-constructed tiny houses where every available storage space needs to be maximized. To do this, shoe drawers under stair treads is the way to go. This is an exciting project that gets rid of unused spaces and utilizes them in good use. Since stairs are usually located near the door, it only makes senses to place the shoe storage right there as well. A one-off project, the idea is to share space under the stairs. This project is practical and inventive.

7. Create a personalized shoe rack

13 Shoe Storage Ideas 24

Typically, houses have 39” wide hallways or entryways. If you think about it, these spaces could be used as shoe storage – if you wanted to be greeted with a graveyard of shoes. They are too big and placing footwear in these areas is an eyesore. What you can do is to build a personalized shoe rack. You get to decide on the size of the rack to accommodate the pairs of shoes that you have. For example, you can build a 7 ½” deep x 65” high shoe rack that could hold at least 15 pairs. You can alter the measurements and make it smaller or bigger, it’s totally up to you. If you need to share a shoe collection, you don’t need separate shoe racks, just one will do.

8. Invest in slide-out shelves

13 Shoe Storage Ideas 25

Utilizing your depth can be a great way to get additional shoe storage in an existing place. For instance, if you invest in slide-out shelves that is 18” to 24” deep – or depending on your shoe size – you can store additional 2 pairs of shoes in your closet or any storage area you have at home. Slide out shelves are creative storage solutions wich can take the place of shoe cabinets. Store the shoes and slide the shelves back in, stowing these away till their next use.

9. That classic huge shoe drawer

13 Shoe Storage Ideas 26

Some of the storage tricks aforementioned in this article are either smart or weird – but hey, they work. The shoe rack, shoe ladder, shoe shrine, and other systems introduced above work effectively inefficiently storing your footwear. Now, it’s time for something familiar to you because it has been the most common storage feature in the house, even in the past years. At this point, you might already guess it – it’s the big old shoe drawer. This shoe organizer allows people with shoe collections to easily see all their shoes in one glance.

One thing about storage is you also need to take advantage of the height available in your house. Installing a huge shoe drawer is the most straightforward way to store your footwear – you come in, place your shoes and you are done. Preferably, you can place it in your entryway or hallway – where you can easily store your shoes the moment you come in. You can also use it as a wide bench where you sit while donning the footwear. But, you can also put it in your kitchen or at the back of the front door. 

10. Making use of shoe cubbies

13 Shoe Storage Ideas 27

Shoe cubbies have this reputation wherein they are not practical for storing high heels, boots, and mid-height shoes. But still, they have their purpose. If most of your footwear consists of white sneakers and flats, then this storage unit is perfect for you.  Shoe cubbies are communal and they share space between different shoes. A shoe cubby looks like a small open shoe shelf.

11. Skateboards as shoe shelves, yes!

13 Shoe Storage Ideas 28

Old skateboards tend to lose their purpose once your son has a new one. In this case, get that old thing and repurpose it into shoe shelves. The graphic design on the board will look great on your wall and can double as décor, aside from being a practical storage unit.  Or paint the boards white to fit the room’s motif. The board allows space between shoes to share with the different members of the family.

You can also place them in your son or daughter’s room to add a fun and decorative accent. The board serves as as bench affording easy access to the footwear. Now, there’s no excuse for them to place their shoes on the shelf, especially because this artsy stackable storage is hard to ignore.

12. How about flat adjustable shelves?

13 Shoe Storage Ideas 29

Shelves are functional and all but when it comes to flexibility, most of them don’t have it. This is a common problem among shoe shelves at home. You can’t adjust them to be taller or wider to fit a certain pair of shoes you want to store. 

Generally, shoe types and styles changes as times go by. The fashion industry works non-stop to come up with the latest design of footwear and your stackable shoe shelves should be able to keep up with it. It should be versatile enough to adjust to the height of any pair of shoes.

Since the height of footwear always changes as new trends hit the market, it’s essential that your shoe shelves can adapt with your shoe type. This is the main reason why you need to invest in adjustable shoe shelves. With a laminate closet system, you can utilize the ‘increment’ holes located on the side support panels to adjust the height of your shelf anytime. Additionally, the shoes share space more efficiently.

13. The hardest trick: Donate your unused shoes

13 Shoe Storage Ideas 30

The thing about having numerous pairs of shoes is you always think that you might use them someday, when in fact you don’t! For most people, it’s hard to let go of the footwear they no longer use. When you share your shoe, you benefit from the free space, while somebody else will use it. However, they will only end up as a huge pile of dusty, old, and unused footwear – which is not a good sight in your closet. 

Hard to swallow fact: you don’t need all the shoes that you have. You only need about 6 pairs or less for some people. If you wanted to make room for new ones, declutter old shoes and throw away or donate them. Donating them will help someone else and isn’t that a good thing to know? You’ll have more shoe storage space and you can help other people – it’s a win-win situation. 

So, dig into your closet right now and find that unused footwear. Share those shoes you no longer wear. Erase the idea that you might need them in the future and donate them to the ones who can use them every day. 


That wraps up everything that you need to know about shoe storage. Out of all these clever, unique, and functional ideas, which one do you like the most? Whether you find one idea helpful or more, may this article motivate you to finally organize your shoes and store them efficiently. You can pay the favor forward when you share the above tips on Twitter, Instagram and other social media.

Blue Dining Room

When you’re talking about modern dining rooms and its colors, the theme is often driven by the hot hues. But then, some of those rules were challenged by modern designers who brought an end to the myth that the dining room looks better only in yellow, red or orange. While another stunning color such as blue was brilliantly used in the modern dining room. Soothing and sophisticated, blue encourages intimate conversations and a relaxing atmosphere, making it a stunning color choice for dining rooms of any style. Gray-tone blues lend a casual air to the space, while rich navy and midnight shades create a sense of luxury. But blue can also be bold, with vibrant shades working perfectly in more modern designs and lending a sense of fun to traditional rooms. Because blue isn’t exactly a neutral, it works best as a wall color or an accent shade with other neutrals, looking especially stunning with warm woods, charcoal, and creamy white . Take a look at these cool blue dining room ideas!

Dusky Yet Bright

Blue Dining Room 31

This shade of blue gray kitchen idea appears in the best modern way. Grayed-out blue walls and black and gray accents get a bump of life with an oak and wrought iron dining set, while a unique array of wall art ties the color palette together.

Analogous and Modern

Blue Dining Room 32

Just as you might work with any other scheme, you need to give each light a defined role in the space when you work with an analogous palette. This will create a sense of balance in the dining room space and will not overpower any color. This dining space is a color theory-aficionado’s dream. Muted blue walls get a punch when their neighbors on the color wheel, green and yellow, act as accent colors. Keeping the rest of the space neutral with whites and grays saves this modern space from looking cartoonish.

Spinning Traditional

Blue Dining Room 33

Soft blue walls create the perfect backdrop for dark wood furniture and thick woodwork, but it’s the choice of rug color here that makes this traditional space feel a bit more contemporary. Bring modern accents and blend with classic and other formal items for a new take on tradition. By choosing a classic pattern in blue’s contrasting colors, red and yellow, the space feels bright and fun instead of stuffy.

Simple Yet Deep

Blue Dining Room 34

This shade of blue, a deepened sky color, rarely looks serious enough for a grown-up space. But the use of bright white chairs and dark wood keeps the room grounded, leaving a little wiggle room for fun in the form of a melon shade of green.

Aqua and White

Blue Dining Room 35

There may be no more favorite color combination than the blue and white mix when designing a dining room. This very uplifting modern dining room is covered in aqua and white shades. Candy-aqua walls punch up an all-white dining room to create a dreamy escape for your next dinner party.

Cottage Chic

Blue Dining Room 36

Cottage chic or classic style dining room is very popular these days and is appreciated by many people. To create this kind of shabby chic charm, you can merely combine items you have at home, even old, vintage finds and worn-out stuff, timeless pieces. A room full of antiques avoids looking to “grandma-esque” with a medium blue paint color and white stone floors.

Pine and Blue

Blue Dining Room 37

Fortunately blue is essentially neutral nowadays, so you can’t go wrong with a blue color scheme while being a cool color, particularly in your dining room. You would want to eat and relax comfortably in a blue dining room. Knotty pine furniture gets a hit of elegance with true-blue accents throughout this dining space. The lack of any other non-neutral accent shade keeps the look cohesive, allowing all design elements to cohabitate with clashing.

Shades of Blue

Blue Dining Room 38

It seems important to mention that blue walls can complement almost any room style. Pastel blue color makes this modern dining room so peaceful and relaxing. A pastel wall paired with a slightly brighter blue rug adds texture to this otherwise monochromatic color palette. Choosing a transitional style dining set, complete with upholstered armless chairs, and flanking the set with armoires turns the dining area into a floating oasis.

Just a Pop

Blue Dining Room 39

Combined with other neutral colors, Teal creates a calm, peaceful mood for a relaxing and entertaining space in the dining room. Bright teal chairs and accents make this otherwise neutral space feel special, popping against the periwinkle-veering-purple wall color.

Mixing Traditional with Transitional

Blue Dining Room 40

Dark wood, elegant light fixtures, and a stunning tray ceiling all scream traditional, but the sky blue upholstered dining chairs add that touch of modernity that keeps the room fun.

Navy and Beige

Blue Dining Room 41

Navy is black’s more unexpected yet stoic cousin, and it proves its worth in this space. Navy blue is a traditional, cool-to-neutral color that can satisfy many personalities, from moody to elegant to casually chic. Where black would create a harsh contrast with the white coffered ceiling and beige walls, navy lends an elegant flair that doesn’t jar the eye. For a traditional yet elegant look, choose navy and bright white (or beige).

Grounding Bright Blues

Blue Dining Room 42

White walls and bright blue painted furniture complete with true-blue tile accents can easily make a space feel a bit kitschy. But a black chandelier, beige tiles, and traditional window treatments help bring the room back down to earth.

Go Bold with Stripes

Blue Dining Room 43

Dining rooms, big or small can be given touches of stripes. Striped walls can be horizontal or vertical and may come in blue colors as well. Striped walls also definitely add a lot more pattern in a solid color than an accent wall and bring a hint of modern playfulness with them as well. This take-no-prisoners design features bold blue striped walls complete with the shade’s contrasting color on the color wheel: orange, represented by super warm wood. It works for several reasons: the interesting shape of the room, ample natural light, and the use of a dark wood dining set to create an anchor.

From Basic to Stunning

Blue Dining Room 44

This space could have been the most boring dining room in the world, but the bright blue upholstered chairs paired with warm wood add life to a beige space.

All Blue, All Day

Blue Dining Room 45

Outside of a smattering of white, this space plays with multiple shades of blue in various textures and prints to create contrast in a monochromatic palette.

Neutral and Blue

Blue Dining Room 46

A chevron print accent wall paired with a neutral wood dining set and beams make for a dramatic yet balanced look.

Modern and Bright

Blue Dining Room 47

The striped blue wall and white canvas act as the perfect eye-catching backdrop for a blond wood dining set with striking shell side chairs.

Driftwood and Blue

Blue Dining Room 48

Bleached wood floors and coordinating dining table look right at home against this beautiful muted blue wall color. The use of modern-style furniture maintains a clean line of sight throughout the room, keeping it open and bright.

Creating a Nook

Blue Dining Room 49

Not all homes are lucky enough to house a dedicated dining space, but the blue walls here create separation between the eating area and the rest of the kitchen.

Navy and Yellow

Blue Dining Room 50

Navy walls paired with gray wood and a natural jute rug pop against bright yellow seating. And when the owner tires of the bold shade, the navy wall will pair nicely with an endless array of other colors, from coral to white.


Few people know this, but in some ways, we have never heard of colors that will affect us. In addition, color psychology is a legitimate scientific field, and many academics understand the ability of color to manipulate moods and emotions. Blue is one of the colors will remain timeless for years. Blue inspired dining room is a good idea as it is associated with independence and relaxation. It is often used in restaurants on plates and dishes, especially on dessert plates as it is known as a stimulant for appetite.

Choosing a design for your dining room is a matter of taste, so go ahead and paint your dining room in that hue if you see a shade that suits you. Just remember not to go crazy and design it in extremely bright colors and always add hints of blue or white to soften their effect.

Pink Bathrooms

Pink was, often, the standard bathroom color for homes built or redecorated in the 1950s and 1960s. Unfortunately, as the years went by those homes were renovated and the pink bathrooms were usually the first thing to go. If your is from that era and your home has a pink bathroom, embrace its unique and vintage charms! You’ll be tickled pink.

New and Pink

Pink Bathrooms 51

This bathroom shows that pink works for new bathrooms just as well as it does for older bathrooms. The large pink tiles create visual interest on the wall when paired with the large beige tiles. Plus, the use of the pink tiles for the floor and walls creates a subtle continuity. The white shower curtain with blocks of dark pink bring in more color without being garrish.

Charming and Retro

Pink Bathrooms 52

This retro bathroom is charming and full of details. The pink subway tile is highlighted by the red tile border and the white pedestal sink lends a classic touch. The real charmer of this room is the white honeycomb tile which features black tile accents. Cute!

Pretty in Pinkn

Pink Bathrooms 53

This bathroom is certainly pretty in pink. The soft pink tiles pair nicely with the dark pink grout. The soft pink ceiling casts a pretty glow throughout the entire space. The reddish-orange tile floor is beautifully complemented by the dark pink curtains.

Wallpaper Wonder

Pink Bathrooms 54

Pink wallpaper, featuring an abstract pattern in beige, adds depth and visual interest to this bathroom. The pink floral tile beautifully separates the space between the window, mirrors and countertop. The floral stencil on the arched window lends privacy and style.

Vintage Charmer

Pink Bathrooms 55

Behold this vintage charmer which has been lovingly maintained throughout the years. The pink subway tile wall and pink patterned tile floor are gleaming as are the porcelain sinks. The real stars of the show are the original wall-mounted vanity light and glass shower doors, which feature funky flamingo stencils.

Classic Touches

Pink Bathrooms 56

This small bathroom is filled with classic charm. The pink subway tiles lend a rosy glow and the opaque glass shower door allows for light to filter in while still providing privacy. The long, deep sink is a clever solution to find a spot for the sink in a small bathroom with an awkward layout.

Blast From the Past

Pink Bathrooms 57

This bathroom is like a study in 1950s home design. The pink subway tile, floral wallpaper and frame-less mirror were popular bathroom features in the 1950s. The homeowners were wise to keep this pristine pink bathroom, it’s a decorative blast from the past.

Pink and Whiten

Pink Bathrooms 58

Check out this huge bathroom. The bathtub looks like the ideal place to take a relaxing bubble bath. The separate area for the toilet provides privacy while the large countertop and plentiful cabinet space provides tons of storage. The use of pink and white for the wallpaper, wall and floor tile ties the large space together.

Vintage Details

Pink Bathrooms 59

This vintage bathroom looks like it hasn’t been updated in decades. The pink walls, cabinet, and tub feature chrome borders and the medicine cabinet looks like a historical artifact. Check out another design feature that hasn’t been used in years, the chrome shower curtain holder which stands independent of the bathtub.

Subtle Touches of Pinkn

Pink Bathrooms 60

This modern bathroom knows how to use the classic color pink but in a new and fresh way. The soft pink walls cast a warm glow in this large space and act as a soft counterpart to the dark green marble countertop.

Dark Bronze Accentsn

Pink Bathrooms 61

Dark bronze accents really pop in this large bathroom. The dark bronze fixtures complement the soft pink tiles and the lime green flower vase adds a much needed pop of color. The dark orange tile floor balances out the space.

Pink and Blackn

Pink Bathrooms 62

This bathroom shows how to use another classic color combination: pink and black. The white grout perfectly frames the pink subway tile and ties in with the white fixtures. The thick white border and white ceiling make the room feel tall and spacious. The black tile floor lends a timeless appeal.

Sweet Confection

Pink Bathrooms 63

This cotton candy-pink bathroom is ideal for a girl of any age. Little pops of color, found on the drawer pulls, towels and artwork, complement the fun, bright stripes of the shower curtain. This bathroom is as sweet as it as colorful.

Good Use of Spacen

Pink Bathrooms 64
This bathroom may be long and narrow, but it has everything a person could need. The pink of the tiles, sink and bidet are a soft complement to the black built-in toothbrush, soap and toilet paper holders. The bathtub allows for a long soak or use the shower head attachment for a quick refreshing shower.n

Reddish Pinkn

Pink Bathrooms 65

Behold the warm glows of these reddish-pink walls. The built-in shelves, painted the same color as the walls, lends storage as well as a sense of depth. The white toilet and clawfoot tub stand out against the bold wall colors.

Pink Charmern

Pink Bathrooms 66

Large pink honeycomb floor tiles with white accent tiles make this a bathroom a real charmer. The touches of white, found in the fixtures, window frame and built-in cabinet, look crisp and clean against the the classic pink tiles. The gold-framed mirror is eye-catching.

Green Bathrooms

The color green is often overlooked when people choose color schemes for their bathrooms. Other colors, such as blue or white, are popular and for good reason. Both work with any style and both work to create a soothing space. Guess what? The same goes for green. Try using one of the many varied shades of green and your house guests may just be green with envy.

Dark Greenn

Green Bathrooms 67

Dark green walls make a stunning complement to the white bead board, fixtures and subway tile. The use of black tiles in the honeycomb tile floor add subtle color.

Lime Green Lookern

Green Bathrooms 68

This lime green walls of this bathroom are eye-catching. The white moulding and fixtures look crisp and clean against the lime green. The dark brown vanity, brown tile floor and patterned shower curtain bring in additional colors as well as visual interest.

Sea Glassn

Green Bathrooms 69

This home’s bathroom looks like a luxurious spa with its sea glass green tile walls. The unique shaped sink looks like artwork while the wood floor and ceiling make the space feel cozy. The skylight lets in an abundance of natural light.

Corner Tub

Green Bathrooms 70

The corner bathtub of this bathroom commands your attention. The gold touches, found in the fixtures, mirror frame and the tub’s clawfoot, add a touch of glamor. The ornate purple shower curtains, with its scalloped valance, continue the glamor.

Green Tilen

Green Bathrooms 71

The combination of small green, black and lime green tiles lend a classic, but unique feel to this bathroom. The small tiles allow the homeowners to accessorize the bathroom with a variety of colors. The pops of white, found in the moulding and artwork, lend a crispness to the space.

Terrific Tilesn

Green Bathrooms 72

This bathroom shows how to use several different varieties of tile at once. The green marble wall tile complements the tan tiles that line the bathtub surround and a portion of the wall. Neither tile competes for visual attention with the wood-look floor tiles. Overall, this bathroom feels very influenced by nature.

Hip to be Squaren

Green Bathrooms 73

The square shape of the fixtures lend true visual interest to this modern, sparsely decorated bathroom. The use of green tiles on both the floor and walls in conjunction with the glass shower door makes this room feel spacious.

Bamboo Beautyn

Green Bathrooms 74

This bathroom seems to be designed to mimic the colors of the bamboo plant. The tan walls look the bamboo stalk and the green walls look like the bamboo leaves. The pops of white make the space pop. The bathtub is simple and elegant.

Vintage Beautyn

Green Bathrooms 75

This vintage green tile bathroom is a blast from the past. The mix of lime green and bright sunshine yellow tiles make this bathroom feel like summer all year long. Other vintage touches include the wall-mounted light fixture and pedestal sink.

Tile Varietyn

Green Bathrooms 76

These homeowners know how to use different variety of tiles. The large, light-green floor tiles balance wall tiles which feature a combination of large white tiles and narrow rectangular green tiles. The brown cabinetry lends a pop of color.

Classic and Greenn

Green Bathrooms 77

This bathroom shows that light sage green walls complement classic touches such as white subway tile and white bead board. The white and black honeycomb tile completes the classic look.

Awesome Angles

Green Bathrooms 78

This bathroom boasts an interesting use of a home’s awkward angles and an interesting use of unusual tiles. This bathroom works, despite its odd angles. The toilet is tucked into the corner and the glass bowl sink is easily accessible. The artistic tiles, featuring photos of flowers and artistic scribble effects, add even more visual interest.

Open and Spacious

Green Bathrooms 79

This modern bathroom is open and spacious. The long tub looks like the ideal spot for a post workout soak while the open shower, with rainfall showerhead, is the perfect spot for a relaxing shower. The wood-look floor tile perfectly complements the white floor tiles.

Green Mosaic

Green Bathrooms 80

The curved wall of this green mosaic tile shower surround is the coolest. Other interesting design elements at work here include the pedestal sink and glass wall that separates the tub from the reminder of the bathroom.

Spacious Stunner

Green Bathrooms 81

This large bathroom is stunning. The tan tile walls and countertop beautifully complement the sage green wall color. The double sinks, plus the abundance of countertop and cabinet space, allow for tons of essential storage.

Bright and Airy

Green Bathrooms 82

Light green walls make the white wall tile of this bathroom shine and sparkle. The unique shape of the washbasin adds visual interest.

Modern and Bright

Green Bathrooms 83

Large green tiles, used for the walls, vanity and mirror surround, lends a sense of calm to this spacious bathroom. The chrome accents and use of white tiles for the floor and some of the walls make the space feel spa-like.

Fit for a Family

Green Bathrooms 84

This large bathroom looks like the ideal choice to accommodate the needs of a family. The double sinks, in addition to the long countertop and abundant cabinet space, provides tons of storage. The many bright vanity lights provide ample ambient lighting and the striped shower curtain provides a subtle touch of color that unifies the entire space.

Interesting Built-Ins

Green Bathrooms 85

This small bathroom shows how to maximize a small space. The built-in next to the tub provides storage in the cabinet as well as a place to stash your bathing supplies on top. The use of white for the bead board, moulding, door and fixtures makes the space feel bigger than it is.